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The good news Saturday was that the sun made a determined appearance in Mont Tremblant, and LOTS of tennis was played, albeit in the shortened format of best of 2 tiebreak short sets (first to 4 games, tiebreak at 4-4, no-ad and match tiebreak in lieu of a third set). We experienced all of the vagueries of this format in our doubles…after we waited for about 3-4 hours to play. We lost 1-4, 5-4 10-7 Kelly Stobbe and Sheila Cunningham, so we got in our court time! We had lots of no-ad games (the critical one being at 3-3 in the 2nd set when our opponents hit the side of both lines on the 3-3 point!) and went too far in the match tiebreak. Sheila and Kelly played better as the match went on and were more aggressive..they deserved the win. They won the final 4-2 4-0 in the lopsided draw (which happens often in a tournament seeded by rankings alone rather than by UTR or head to head…). Thanks to Jeanie for playing with me and to the tournament personnel, especially Jacques for hosting the event and getting it finished despite two days our of seven being rained out.

Other American results:

  • Vincent Horcasitas is in the final of the men’s 55 singles. Unseeded, he’s beaten three seeds en route to the final and plays another in the final. Update: Vincent lost the final in a match tiebreak.
  • Dan Grossman won the men’s 70 doubles with Andrew Rae…they played the entire tournament yesterday, losing 2 games in three matches.
  • Brandon Murphy lost in the quarters of men’s 50 singles.
  • Jason Carr lost in the semis of men’s 50 doubles
  • And previously, Michael Beautyman, M75 and Robert Anderman, M80 won the singles.

And that’s a wrap on 2022 Mont Tremblant. I fly back to the USA (no covid predeparture test needed!) this afternoon. Next trip is in a month!

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