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  • Mont-Tremblant, Cup, ITF Senior Grade A, Canada

    Deadline to enter is May 28, 2019 (enter at itftennis.com/IPIN).

    From the organizers:

    2019 Mont-Tremblant ITF Cup ITF Senior Grade A tournament

    June 3rd-9th, 2019 Mont-Tremblant, Québec, Canada

    On behalf of the Tennis Canada and Tennis Tremblant teams, we welcome you to the sixth edition of the Mont-Tremblant ITF Cup.

    Once again, we are committed to making your participation in the tournament, and your stay in Mont-Tremblant, a memorable one. We are very happy and honoured to be your hosts again for this prestigious tournament.

    Please note that entries will be accepted from Canadian or any International players who have a valid IPIN.

    This ITF Senior Grade A tournament will be held June 3-9th , 2019 in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada.

    The tournament venue is located 90 minutes north of Montreal. The events offered are men’s and women’s 35-85, singles, doubles and mixed. The surface is clay (red and green).

    Entry Deadline: May 28th 2019. You must have a valid IPIN to enter.

    Entry fee is $135 (Canadian, all taxes included). You may enter three events (1 singles, 2 doubles/mixed). Doubles Deadline on Site: June 5th.

    Note: Should the draw size and the number of registrations permit, we may start the younger age groups later, on day 3 (Wednesday) and/or day 4 (Thursday) of the tournament. Depending on the # of registration/age categories, we may have to consolidate some age categories.

    To register for the tournament and/or obtain your IPIN, go to www.ITFtennis.com/IPin. To access the ITF tournament web page: https://www.itftennis.com/seniors/tournaments/tournament/info.aspx?tournamentid=1100044560

    On the TennisTremblant.com website, you can also find other general information, including: directions to the tournament venue and a list of all the activities available at Station Mont-Tremblant, such as: golf, zip line, sightseeing, boat cruise, beach, and more!

    We’re looking forward to hosting you in Mont-Tremblant!

    For all information related to the event, including accommodation (official tournament hotels) and the payment of your registration fees, please visit the Tennis Tremblant website or simply click on: https://tennistremblant.com/en/tournament/itf-mont-tremblant-cup-2019/

    La Coupe Mont-Tremblant ITF 2019 Tournoi vétéran ITF Grade A

    3 au 9 juin 2019

    Au nom de toute l’équipe de Tennis Canada et de Tennis Tremblant, bienvenue à la 6e édition de

    la Coupe Mont-Tremblant ITF.

    Nous sommes très heureux et honorés d’être vos hôtes pour ce prestigieux tournoi. Nous désirons rendre votre séjour parmi nous le plus agréable possible.

    Tout joueur avec un IPIN valide, indépendamment de sa nationalité, peut s’inscrire au tournoi.

    Ce tournoi vétéran/sénior ITF aura lieu du 3 au 9 juin, 2019 à Mont-Tremblant , Québec, Canada.

    Le site du tournoi est à 90 minutes au nord de Montréal. Les tableaux offerts sont les simples et les doubles, hommes et femmes, et les doubles mixtes, de 35 à 85 ans, sur terre battue (rouge et verte).

    Date limite d’inscription : le 28 mai, 2018. Un IPIN valide est obligatoire pour s’inscrire.

    Les frais d’inscription sont de 135$ (canadien, toutes taxes incluses). Vous pouvez vous inscrire à trois événements (simple, doubles, mixte).

    Date limite d’inscription pour les doubles, sur place : le 5 juin.

    Note : Selon la grosseur des tableaux et le nombre d’inscriptions, les groupes d’âge les plus jeunes ne débuteront pas avant mercredi (ou au jour 3 du tournoi). Également, selon le nombre d’inscription par catégorie d’âge, nous pourrions consolider deux catégories en une.

    Pour vous inscrire avec votre IPIN et/ou obtenir votre IPIN, cliquez sur : http://www.ITFtennis.com/ipin Pour accéder à la page web du site de l’ITF du tournoi : https://www.itftennis.com/seniors/tournaments/tournament/info.aspx?tournamentid=1100044560

    Vous trouverez également des renseignements généraux au TennisTremblant.com, entre autres : l’itinéraire pour vous rendre au site du tournoi et une liste d’activités disponibles à la Station Mont-Tremblant, telles : le golf, zip line, tourisme, promenade en bateau, la plage, et encore !

    Nous vous attendons à Mont-Tremblant !

    Pour tout renseignement sur l’événement, incluant l’hébergement (hôtels officiels du tournoi) et pour défrayer vos frais d’inscription, consultez le site web de Tennis Tremblant ou cliquez sur : https://tennistremblant.com/tournois/coupe-mont-tremblant-itf-2019/

  • Montreal!

    Au Revoir Mont Tremblant, Bon Jour Montreal. It’s about an hour and a half from Tremblant to Montreal. I passed that time listening to the audio of the women’s final from Roland Garros Radio (via ATP Tennis Radio on Tune-In). Fortunately it was over by the time I got into downtown Montreal as new cities are always tricky to navigate. But I found parking in the old town and the morning was pretty quiet.

    I walked up to Mont Royal from the Vieux Cite first, through a street fair that was all about cars and car racing. The weather was beautiful and on a Saturday everyone was out and about. Once I reached the base of the park, there are a lot of steps through the forested park (so it was shady) up to the viewing area. The view was worth the hike. Montreal is a beautiful city on the St. Lawrence River and from the top I could see the water and many bridges.

    I walked towards the old city through McGill University which has lots of old buildings in the middle of the city, but was pretty quiet on a June Saturday. I then joined Rue Catherine, which appeared to be a popular shopping street that eventually turned into a pedestrian mall.

    I walked through Chinatown next, which, though not very big, had a lot of restaurants. Duck seemed to be a popular option.

    The old town was packed by mid afternoon. There were more street fairs and down by the river the vibe was similar to a fair. There’s a big Ferris wheel, there was music, tons of booths selling food etc., a zip line and more. And everywhere there was ice cream and poutine (fried potatoes topped with cheese curd and gravy and sometimes other things such as beef stew (I saw this one at a food truck). There’s a big cathedral in the center of old town which is lovely.

    And with that I bid adieu to Canada for this time. It’s been great.

  • The Sun Makes an Appearance in Mt. Tremblant

    Mt. Tremblant is a very pretty area no matter the weather, with a long narrow lake bordered by tree covered hills. But when the sun shines as it did today it’s beautiful.

    Last evening the sun was also shining and I had to stop to take a few photos. It was really beautiful light.

    I played the final this morning against Jeannie MacEarchen. Jeannie plays under the Canadian flag but actually lives in the Tampa, Florida area year round. I didn’t have a warm up partner, but drove over to the practice facility to warm up and serve a bit. However, there were three men hitting there and one warmed me up (thanks Jeff). Jeannie plays on the Canadian Cup team and is steady, but I had a few more options to win points and won 61 61.

    After lunch, I did some running, then a small hike along a stream parallel to one of the ski slopes rising behind Tremblant village. From the hill I could see most of the lake. It was a nice ending to my visit. Tomorrow I am off to Montreal for the day.



  • Mont Tremblant Thursday

    Tennis was played today…the predicted rain stayed away and the courts were busy with matches all day. I played another local player, Martine St-Amant and won 60 60. I warmed up again with Mirek but apparently didn’t warm him up well enough since he lost to Luiz Penna. Penna though is quite a good player.

    Tomorrow I think I play the final against Jeannie Maceachern who won her round robin group. She’s a solid player so it should be a good match.

    After playing and having lunch, I went to the other venue which has a dozen courts for the players to practice on, an did a bit of serving and footwork to get ready for tomorrow.

    There are quite a few good international men here, including Glen Busby, Jimmy Parker and in men’s 40s, David McNamara. I was watching some matches and saw McNamara playing…he’s very tall, fit and hits the ball a ton. His warm up was playing 18 holes of golf in the morning! There were a lot of people watching matches too.

    Draws are here: https://www.itftennis.com/seniors/tournaments/tournament/info.aspx?tournamentid=1100042086

  • Mont Tremblant, Canada, ITF Regional

    Tuesday was a travel day, Toronto to Montreal by air then Montreal to Mont Tremblant by car. I landed midday so the traffic wasn’t bad leaving Montreal. Mont Tremblant is a ski area bout 90 minutes from the Montreal airport. It’s a very pretty, green, wooded area situated on a long, narrow lake. The weather was supposed to be very rainy, but I missed most of the rain and it was somewhat sunny and nice most of the way, but cool.

    I had arranged a hit with an American from Florida, Mirek Wierzbicki, and though the courts at the tournament site were pretty much underwater all day, the courts a few miles away were fine and we got in an excellent hour of hitting, and also warmed up this morning.

    I played my first tournament singles match since last July, against Marie-Claude Gendron from Montreal. She was playing her first ITF tournament but is a very good athlete and fast. I did win though and play a second round robin match tomorrow. Mirek won too but has a tough one tomorrow.

    There are a fair amount of American men here and world #1 in the men’s 60s, Glen Busby from Australia is here along with Americans Tony Crabel, Jimmy Parker and Nick Ourusoff and others.

    It’s very pretty here and the town is touristy but cute. I’m about a 15 minute walk from the courts along a nice walking path. The club is right on Lake Tremblant and has red and green clay courts. I’m playing on the green clay but the men’s 60s are being held on the red.

    The draws are here. https://www.itftennis.com/seniors/tournaments/tournament/info.aspx?tournamentid=1100042086

  • Toronto…the Beaches

    Monday was my last day in Toronto. And it was a blast…literally, the wind was blowing about 25 miles an hour or more all day. It was tough sledding on the court but Erin and I persevered (Erin much better than I). It’s tough playing tennis after a long break…the mind remembers your best tennis level and when it’s not replicated, well, it’s frustrating, but it’s a process.

    After dinner, both Erin and her daughter Hannah had a league match down by “The Beaches”, and area of Lake Ontario which has sand rather than rocks and a lot of activity…besides a tennis club, there was a huge beach volleyball area, a marina and miles of verdant walking paths. I could see the City from one vantage point.

    Tuesday morning I left Toronto for Montreal from the Toronto City airport. It’s pretty cool, right downtown on an island. To reach the airport from the city, I walked through a long tunnel under the water to the terminal. Once there it was easy to check my bags and reach the gates, where there were free drinks and snacks for the passengers.

    Next up: the ITF tournament in Mont Tremblant…

  • Toronto!

    I am in Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦 for a few days. I was here briefly last year but didn’t see much, so this time I am trying to remedy that. 

    Toronto is the largest city in Canada with a population of about 2.8 million, similar to Chicago. The greater metropolitan area is over 5 million. 

    Toronto is famous for its multiculturalism and the CN Tower, the highest in the Western Hemisphere. The hockey hall of fame is here too. 

    I went up the CN Tower today. The views were predictably good. Toronto is right on the Great Lake, Ontario, which seems like an ocean, it’s so huge. There are some small island and a small airport right by the harbor front. It was a nice afternoon, partly sunny, but cool, low 60s. 

    After the tower visit I walked over the main railway line and over to St. Lawrence Market where there were tons of restaurants, food stalls with everything from mustard to fish to cheese to maple syrup. 

    I passed an interesting dog-themed fountain along the way. 

    The public transit here, a mesh of subway, buses and trams, seems quite good. I took the bus and subway to the CN Tower without incident. 

    Toronto also seems very clean. It’s a nice place. 

  • Mont-Tremblant Finale: Success on a Brrrrr Day!

    It was really COLD today! 10 degrees Celsius, or just below 50F with gust winds and intermittent showers. I saw one player wearing a ski cap during her singles match.

    MJ Pachl and I won the women’s doubles. MJ has great grounded but doesn’t have a lot of doubles experience. So we employed a lot of strategies.. MJ tight on the net, MJ back (mostly successful, she has nice groundies) then at the end I served and volleyed (really!) and she stayed back. That startled them enough so we came back from 5-4 0-40 down to win 5 points in a row to win the doubles. We won 62 64.

    Marc Pepin and I played the mixed final 10 minutes later and won 63 60. We both played pretty well. 

    The other USA players did well, with Perkins taking the 50s and Beautyman the 70s, Crabel the 60s. 

    Denis Dumas, Canada won the 55s, against someone he hadn’t seen or played against since they were teenagers!

  • My Tremblant, ITF  Regional (Open): Brrrrr!

    Link to draws
    Mont Tremblant is a ski area about 90 minutes outside of Montreal, Canada. It is very French..all the signs in the grocery stores are in French and French is the primary language. That’s pretty true in Quebec in general I believe. This is a beautiful area and people I have met are warm and friendly.

    The weather on the other hand has been quite cold, cloudy and occasionally wet.

    I am playing in the ITF Regional here, which is open to all players with an IPIN. The 60 singles has 6 players, divided into two round robin groups. I played Anne Bryan who was playing her first ITF tournament and play again today against Raymonde Breau. If I win I will take on the winner of the other group probably Saturday. 

    I am also playing doubles and mixed. Draws can be found here.

    There are a fair number of Americans here this year, and I caught up with some yesterday. It was too cold though to take many photos. Today there’s s predicted high of 53 but the rest of the week looks better. Below are photos of the courts, small clubhouse (the golf clubhouse and restaurant are nearby) and Tremblant.

  • Mt Tremblant: Grade 2 Clay Tournament, Canada May 27-31

    Here is the link for Tremblant.


    Also to the ITF calendar 


    Note that the entry deadline is MAY 6, 2015