Bad Breisig, Friday

I was able today to play on clay, outdoors and it didn’t rain today. Tomorrow should be nice.

I won my singles easily, and am in the final against Margret Beyer, who is from here and who beat the #2 seed, Annelies Simons 62 62 today. Margret is very tough. We are scheduled for 11:30, but they always seem to be behind schedule here, as matches go longer than the 1 hour 20 min allotted to most of them.

I met my doubles partner, Irene Smutny, and we won our doubles tonight. We started very late, it was nearly 8pm. One of our opponents had a 5pm singles match which was started late. Then she was up 62 50…and lost the set 75, though she finally won the match in the third set 63. She was very tired afterwards. After a 20 min break, during which my partner and I warmed up a bit…with the match balls which were used balls, no new balls here for doubles. The used balls are also available for purchase at 1 euro per ball ($1.40 a ball…a new can of 4 balls costs about 14 Euros or nearly $20). When our opponents came out we started the match…no warm up serves even. We play the final against Nora Blom and Simons at 2:30,though since Nora has a 2pm final it might be later.

That’s all for tonight, another update tomorrow night then I’m off to Austria.

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