Bad Breisig Saturday

I finished the Bad Breisig tournament today. I won the singles over local favorite (and the defending champion), Margret Beyer 64 60. It was much warmer today (mid-80s) and breezy, actually a good wind out of the south, and it made it difficult to play on one side with the sun and wind in our faces. I managed it a little better than Margret in the first set, after losing the first 2 games anyway, and came in to net a lot more than she did on the downwind side, and in the second set came to net from both ends….probably more than I did in the doubles, which we lost to Blom and Simons, who were more balanced and consistent than we were. It was a good match anyway. Nora cruised to the singles win even though she was the #2 seed and the person she played in the final, Schweda, had beaten the #1 seed 62 61!

For doubles both days we only got used balls, since according the referee the ITF sanction & the ITF rules do not apply to doubles, since the ITF does not give ranking points for doubles. (Therefore none of the ITF clothing rules apply to doubles either I presume). There’s no separate entry fee here for doubles either, one fee covers both. The prizes differ too…for singles 300 Euros & flowers, for doubles, wine and flowers. I was able to give flowers to the two women who ran the desk all week.

Overall this is a nice tournament, 2 dinners and a nice site, but just not enough courts. Today they were running on time for our matches.

After the tournament ended I finally had a chance to walk down to the waterfront in Bad Breisig (a small area with a lot of restaurants overlooking the Rhein and walk along the Rhein for an hour, very pleasant, and I saw a castle in Bad Honnigen. I’ll be posting photos on Picassa soon.

Tomorrow I’m off to Salzburg for a day and hope to leave very early so I don’t run into bad traffic…

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