Barcelona…First Round Success

Draws are here.

Today both Erin Boynton and I were scheduled for first round matches. My division has seven players, so there are two round robin groups, one of 3 (Group A, my group) and one of 4 (Group B) with the winners of each group facing off for the final. Erin’s draw has a few more than 8 so is a normal knockout draw. I played Mary from the Netherlands whose bad back kept her from running after most balls…I double faulted a couple of times and aced her about 8 times which tells anyone who has seen me serve about her mobility…though I did serve pretty well! I won 60 60. We played on one of the two center courts which were using a foxtenn scoring system (games only). I pushed a button on changeovers which activated the scoreboard. It was easy and worked well.

Erin unfortunately received a walkover from a player who hadn’t quite recovered from covid, so she’s now into the semis. We both get a day off tomorrow and will play singles and doubles on Thursday.

Upon exiting the venue, we encountered these dancing figures (the tournament is sponsored by a carwash company, so they seem to be the brushes that wash cars in a carwash).

Carolyn & carwash guys
Erin & Carwash guys

Prior to the matches we practiced for an hour (actually on the same court on which I played my match), and after dropping off our racquets hit Lidl again (for me…Erin hadn’t been there previously). It really has good prices, especially with the USD approaching parity with the Euro, which seems to more than offset any recent inflation.

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