Shopping & Practice Day

Draws are here.

Today, Wednesday, Day 3 of the Barcelona ITF 700. I had another day off but play a good Spanish player (#2 on their bronze medal Cup team last year in Mallorca) tomorrow at 6pm and doubles later at 9pm.

Erin and I practiced in the morning, a bit earlier than in previous days, and it has been getting warmer each day, and is humid…not Florida humid, but still humid.

After practice, we went straight to the Tennis Point shop in Barcelona, near Pedrales, one of the interesting Gaudi buildings there. We stopped for a photo then Erin did a good job clothes shopping there. I bought socks…

After shopping, we headed to El Corte Ingles for some food, then back to the hotel. The hotel is uphill quite a bit from the metro and the tennis club, about a mile’s uphill climb. We only played an hour of tennis but I got a lot of steps in today…nearly 10 miles (around 24000).

Erin and I in front of Pedrables and interesting gourmet items in El Corte Ingles…the largest asparagus I’ve seen! And lots of different flavors of pistachios.

After lunch, exercises and stretching it was time to walk with Erin back to the club, since she had a 9pm match. She played with an Aussie, Julie Fidler and they played some very nice members of the clubs who were octogenarians. Fortunately no one was hurt in the playing of the match and everyone was smiling before and after the match! The club is busy during the day (lots of kids camps and lessons) but really comes alive in the evening…the food trucks (crepes, gelato, salads and beef, hamburgers etc) were open and the drinks were flowing at 9pm. The sponsoring carwash company had a popcorn machine tonight, with free popcorn for the asking.

Full moon tonight; players enjoying patatas bravos, crepes and more, Erin and Julie together and with their opponents & this one player REALLY wanted his photo taken!

And that’s a wrap on Day 4 in Barcelona. Hopefully we’ll have a full day off for some sightseeing on Saturday but they like to have finals then, so it’s unlikely.

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