Mt Tremblant: Let the Play Begin

The good news: it didn’t rain today! It was really cold though, and cloudy, but not too windy. I played my first round robin singles match and won today 60 60. MJ Pachl from Florida and Canada and I played doubles and we won 60 60. We play the 2nd seeds, a team which also won 60 60 tomorrow so that should be fun. I play another round robin match against someone who lost 60 60 to the woman I beat today.

I warmed up early with MJ and then went over to the courts, thinking I’d watch some of her match and some of Roz King’s (from San Diego) at 10. Roz didn’t start though till later, as  both she and her opponent thought they were playing at 1pm.

I also watched Taras Beyko in the men’s 45 (he won 60 60) who was the 2013 men’s 45 world champion; Denis Dumas, in men’s 50, and he won 61 64, he’s the top seed, and Richard Soucy who was part of the group I had dinner with night before last;he upset the #2 seed on Monday and the #3 seed today (62 63) to get the dubious pleasure of playing Taras (just a tough match is all).

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Later on Michael Beautyman dominated his men’s 65 semi as did another American, Sumner Chase (he gets every ball back!) in the men’s 55.



After singles we had to wait for a long time, a few hours, while the referee sorted out the doubles and mixed draws and scheduling. We couldn’t leave as we were given no start times; as soon as the draws and seeds were made (with liberal use of seeding exemptions, which is fine) we were called to play our match. It was very cold and there was no nearby clubhouse, only a small shed where the referee was situated. There weren’t many chairs either. The shed is shown behind MJ and me.

 starred  photos-016

One of the more interesting matches was that between Burnett Herrick/Dorothy Wasser and Roz King/Judith Smith. Unfortunately, they were drawn to play each other first in a 3 team round robin. The match was close as expected with Burnett and Dorothy winning 26 64 1/0 (10-8). The tournament played a match tiebreak in lieu of a third set.

starred  photos-014 starred  photos-017 starred  photos-018 starred  photos-020

I went for dinner with MJ and Rudy Pachl and had a nice dinner (thank you Rudy!); right now everything is deserted but there’s a big triathlon on the weekend which will fill the hotels.

I play tomorrow at 10 and we have doubles at 1pm, the doubles final.

Link to draws (click order of play, then draws or “matches” to see results.

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