Buenos Aires/San Isidro Tournament

Hello from San Isisdro in the state of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. I’m here for the San Isisdro tournament, a Grade I ITF tournament.

I arrived here yesterday from San Antonio, and walked to the club (about a 30 min walk) to meet with Vesna McKenna with whom I’m playing doubles. She had already played and won her first round match. We booked a practice court and saw that the players on it were Heide Orth and Isabelle Gemmel (from the ITF) who were playing in the tournament, so we shared the court. The space behind the baseline was short on the practice courts and Vesna (and I) were pushing each other into the fence when hitting downwind. The courts here have less topping then Turkey, so are a bit faster and the balls are Prince heavy duty so are lighter than Volkl balls. It’s still slow though.

Vesna won her 2nd round today and is in the semis…to be played on Friday. Plenty of time to rest up. She beat a good lefty today from Argentina 76 64 under very windy (it is spring) conditions.

I finally figured out how to get the draws and looked at my draw…the seedings seem very random, not based on ITF rankings and definitely not based on head to head results, since Gregario has wins over the #2 seed (3,1) and other seeds in the draw.

We play doubles tomorrow at high noon. I play singles Thursday, but my opponent played a 3 set match today and then has a day off…interesting (and not very fair) scheduling.

Here is a link to the draws and results.

Remember that in other countries, the date is day/month/year (eg November 18th is 18/11/08)

Click on "cuadros" to find the draws and on "programacion/reultados" for the results and the next day’s time of play.

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