Cala D’Or, & More Rain in Spain

Individual Draws

Today we took a trip to Cala D’Or to practice, since the courts near Font de sa Cala were all in use. There were probably closer courts, but these I could definitely reserve the day before and we had plenty of time for a drive. By “we” I mean Susan & Tim Wright, Tracey Thompson, Carolyn Lane and me. Susan drove today and I navigated.

We played at the Tennis Club Cala D’or which seemed very German. It has five courts; two were being used for teaching, two for playing and a fifth was wet till about noon. Susan and I practiced first for an hour while Tracey, Tim and Carolyn L explored the area, then we reversed activities. The courts were nice, and it felt good to get out and hit.

After hitting we took photos by the Cala D’Or sign and drove to Es Forti, a fortress and viewing point located in the southeastern part of Cala D’Or at the mouth of the Cala Llonga Bay. It was built as a military base in the 1700s. There were great views of the Bay from the top of the fort, which is free to enter.

After we picked up the rest of our crew, we drove first to Cala Miller (to go to Aldi…I wanted some of their toasted almonds!) and then back to Font de sa Cala. After a quick lunch we then went to Tenis Son Besso to check on Jenny Cerff. She was scheduled for 11am, but as of 1am at Aguait, only the 9am matches were on court, so she was moved to Son Besso. We watched the end of her match, dropped her off at the apartment (she had a potential 4:30 mixed and it was 3:30 already) and went to Tennis Aguait to check on Bunnie Jackson. Bunny was on court and up a set when we arrived, but it immediately began to rain, then eventually poured again, finishing the tennis at all venues for the day, with Bunnie up 3/2 in the second set.

Once back at the apartment I cooked up the chanterelles we bought at the market yesterday with pasta and an onion I bought at Aldi, Susan made her usual pretty salads with chicken and we waited for the order of play.

I finally play tomorrow, at 1pm and Susan also plays, at noon. Tim is at 12:30 at a different venue, and Carolyn Lane and Tracey play women’s doubles in the afternoon. We have no doubles tomorrow as Bunnie and I are waiting for another match to finish as are Susan and Pat Medrado.

And that’s a wrap on Day three of the rainy Mallorca Individual Championships. I have a lot of sympathy for the organizers, they must be stressed out to try and get out the order of play and to finish the tournament on time!

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