Carolyn Nichols Blog from Florida Cups & Individual World Championships

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Link to all Team Draws: Draws for Cups in Boca Raton and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Photos from Cups


Parting Thoughts

World Doubles Champions!!!

May 3, 2014: Rain Delay, Semis on Sunday

May 2, 2014: Into the Doubles Semis

Happy May Day: Out of Singles; Doubles Tomorrow

Into the Quarters, April 30, 2014 Update 

Successful First Round April 29, 2014

Individuals: Opening Ceremony

Saturday April 26, 2014: USA Wins Dubler Cup!

Friday April 25, 2014: USA Wins Connolly and Court Cups!

Thursday April 24, 2014: USA Into Connolly & Court Finals, Bueno, Young, Dubler, Perry, Austria Semis

Wednesday April 23 2014: Nine US teams into playoff for the Cup

Tuesday April 22, 2014: USA Connolly Cup Blanks Turkey; All USA Teams Win

Monday April 21, 2014: USA Young & Trabert Cup Teams Win; Lenglen Cup Team Falls

Sunday April 20, 2014: Opening Ceremonies, USA Seeded #1 in Connolly Cup

Friday April 18, 2014: First Day of Practice at BallenIsles

Post #2:  April 17, 2014: Susan Arrives and So Does the Rain (leading to Retail Therapy)

Post #1:  Getting Ready, meet the team

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