Rainy Thursday Leads to Retail Therapy Session.

It was another rainy day today in Fort Lauderdale, but I was lucky to get in a solid hour + of drilling before noon when the rain started falling in earnest. It never really let up for long enough to practice again.

I picked up Susan Wright at the airport in Fort Lauderdale today. The airport was extremely crowded, it’s Easter Week or Cruise week or something. Since it was raining, we hit the grocery store, then I showed Susan the beach, which was pretty deserted, it being rainy and all, then we did some retail therapy at Match Point tennis, a big tennis shop here and I picked up a newly strung racquet.

Tomorrow we are going up early to Palm Beach Gardens to meet up with Diane Barker and start practicing for the Cup.

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  2. Hope the rain ends and practice for the wins starts today! All the best, play well and smile a lot1

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