Cold Weather, Warm People: Winter in June in Canada


Tournament Draws and Results

Day 2 of the Mont Tremblant tournament was dry…that’s the good news…but it was windy and cold (around 10 Celsius or barely hitting 50). There was no sun to mitigate the cold. It was fine to play but for watching the smartest spectators wore blankets over their down jackets.

I warmed up wearing a short sleeved shirt, 2 long sleeved shirts, a warm up jacket and a down jacket and warm up pants and it took a while to thaw out. Maybe it’s just that I’ve become a San Diegan, one of those people who aren’t happy when the temperatures aren’t between 68 and 72 degrees. But anyway, it was cold, and since there’s no clubhouse at the courts, there was no where to stay warm waiting to play. However, the referee, TD and the people running the tournament desk were sympathetic and cheerful anyway. Here’s a photo of other players warming up in down jackets and of the normally placid lake all riled up by the wind and weather. Today I warmed up on the red clay courts shown here

IMG_1403 IMG_1407 IMG_1410

I won my match today 60 60 and got down to just a few layers by the end of the match. I don’t play at all tomorrow but I hope to play singles, doubles and mixed on Saturday. We have byes in both doubles and mixed and a day off in singles.

I had a good dinner at a local creperie with Debbie Hobbs and Dee Dolson from the Tampa area. It was fun to catch up with Debbie especially as we have been the sole Americans at a few tournaments in Europe a few years back. The Creperie Catherine was pretty authentic, and is in old Tremblant. The food was quite good.


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