My Tremblant, ITF  Regional (Open): Brrrrr!

Link to draws
Mont Tremblant is a ski area about 90 minutes outside of Montreal, Canada. It is very French..all the signs in the grocery stores are in French and French is the primary language. That’s pretty true in Quebec in general I believe. This is a beautiful area and people I have met are warm and friendly.

The weather on the other hand has been quite cold, cloudy and occasionally wet.

I am playing in the ITF Regional here, which is open to all players with an IPIN. The 60 singles has 6 players, divided into two round robin groups. I played Anne Bryan who was playing her first ITF tournament and play again today against Raymonde Breau. If I win I will take on the winner of the other group probably Saturday. 

I am also playing doubles and mixed. Draws can be found here.

There are a fair number of Americans here this year, and I caught up with some yesterday. It was too cold though to take many photos. Today there’s s predicted high of 53 but the rest of the week looks better. Below are photos of the courts, small clubhouse (the golf clubhouse and restaurant are nearby) and Tremblant.

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