Mt Tremblant: Singles Champion and Into Doubles, Mixed Finals

Today I played the singles final against Patricia Babcock, a nice lefty player and I won 60 61. MJ Pachl and I played the semis of the doubles (and our first round, there were 7 in the draw and we got the bye). We are playing 50 doubles and play the final tomorrow against two players who are in the 50s final of singles, so it will be a tough one. Today MJ played back and I lobbed (to no one’s surprise) and came to net (to most people’s surprise). In mixed I played with Marc Pepin in the men’s 55 and again we had the bye in a draw of 7 and we won 62 64. We play the final tomorrow afternoon and Marc plays the men’s 55 doubles final in the morning.

CAn Jacques Pat

Geoff Moore, USA upset Ken Dahl of Canada in the men’s 70 to reach the final against Michael Beautyman, USA  (who beat Don McCormick, CAN) and the two combined to win the doubles over Dahl and McCormick. Both singles semis went three sets. Jim Baker finished 2nd in men’s 75. Tony Crabel and Robert Farley, USA have cruised into the men’s 60 final. William McArthur, unseeded, is in the men’s 65 final.

Mitch Perkins, USA is in the men’s 50 singles and doubles. He’s a strong lefty, lots of spin and power and is also on the USA Fred Perry Cup team which will be competing in Finland in about a week.

starred photos-011


Dee Dolson and Debbie Hobbs lost a tough semi in women’s 55, falling in the match tiebreak to two Canadians.

starred photos-006 starred photos-007

I watched a bit of the men’s semi between Marc Pepin (red shorts) and his partner (blue shirt)  against Denis Dumas and his partner (all white). Denis (in long pants) is in the men’s 55 singles final tomorrow.

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It threatened to rain all day but in the end there was only one 12 minute rain delay but it was chilly and damp, but not windy.

Tomorrow MJ and I play doubles around noon with the mixed to follow directly, then I’m off to the next adventure.

Here are a few photos of Tremblant tonight. No sun but nice reflections.

starred photos-025 starred photos-033 starred photos-034



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