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  • Crawford Cup Sunday: It’s a Wrap

    Sunday was a chilly, windy day in Florida but dry and the tournament was finished on time.

    Donna Fales was flawless all week in the women’s 75s and never more so than today. Unseeded Suella Steel was her victim today. Sue Bramlette was admiring of Fale’s classic game and penetrating strokes. There’s a reason I have no photos of Fales in action…her matches were so quick that she was done and gone before I could make it to her court.

    Christina Sirianni beat Jennifer Bishop to take the 35s title, 61 5-6 ret. inj. This was one of several injuries today. Jennifer pulled or strained an abdominal muscle and couldn’t finish the match.

    Toni Novack beat Carol Clay to win the 65s 76 26 42 ret. inj. (knee). All those dropshots by Toni can take a toll. Sue Bramlette beat Simmy Pell for third. Bramlette/Kerry Young took the 55 doubles title with a 62 62 win over Novack/Cindy Babb.

     IMG_9890 IMG_9885

    Diane Barker beat Fran Chandler 26 64 61 to win the 55s in just under three hours. Fran’s consistency won the first set, but once Diane dialed in her superior court position and hard groundstrokes were able to penetrate even Chandler’s suffocating defense. Chandler had a chance to level the second set at 5-5 but once that chance was gone, Barker’s offense was too potent. I won the 3/4 playoff over Susan Boyer 62 64, in about 2 1/2 hours. It was super windy today and tough to play, but we had a good match and long points.


    Photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/111133686884013323699/CrawfordCup2016

    Draws: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=170979#&&s=8Results0

  • Crawford Cup Saturday: Great Tennis, Great Weather in Fort Lauderdale

    Today was beautiful and not too windy, and there was a lot of good tennis of course!

    Link to all photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/111133686884013323699/CrawfordCup2016

    Link to draws: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=170979#&&s=8Results0

    Suella Steel was unseeded in singles and seeded #2 in doubles this week. She’s made a hash of the singles seedings, beating two of the 5-8 seeds and the #2 seed en route to the final, where she’ll meet top-seeded Donna Fales. Fales efficiently disposed of Sheila Weinstock today, while Steel took out Ria Graham in a rain interrupted match. Fales, a former top 10 player, who won the US Nationals (a precursor to the US Open) mixed in 1966 and the US National Clay in 1962 has a smooth classic game that contrasts with Steel’s game, but both are excellent players. Steel owns over 80 gold balls!


    starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-046

    Steel and Sheila Weinstock “upset” the top seeds, Carol Wood & Ria Graham 62 61 to win the 75 doubles. Burnett Herrick/Dorothy Wasser took third in a tight match over Libby Keenan/Lola O’Sullivan (64 76).

    starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-055 starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-040 starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-042 starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-044 starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-051

    In the 55s, the top two seeds advanced convincingly to the final. Diane Barker took out the tenacious Susan Boyer 62 61 in 90 minutes. I lost to Fran Chandler 62 62 in 2 hours 15 minutes…long points, long games, Fran won them…too good (and she’s really fast!).

    starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-061

    Abbi Neuthaler won this tournament for the first time after coming her for decades. She combined with Erin Boynton to beat the #2 seeds yesterday and the top seeds, Betsy Savitt/Kris McDonald 76 76. The top seeds put up a battle, coming back from 1/5 down in the second set to force a tiebreak. Boyer/Kathy Vick were leading Ann Pellow/Yvonne Gallop when I left. (Update: Boyer/Vick won 63 64).

    starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-026 starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-029  starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-035 starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-034

    In the 65s, #4 seeded Carol Clay played a very good match against Sue Bramlette to win 63 63. She moved well and didn’t make many errors against the always tenacious (yes, I like that adjective today) Sue Bramlette. Clay will face Toni Novack in the final. Novack edged Simmy Pell 64 76 (9). Novack, with Cindy Babb also reached the the doubles final, taking out Clay/Ellen Goodman 62 64. The second set got tight when Clay/Goodman rallied from 25 down, but Novack served it out. Bramlette/Kerry Young beat Lil Peltz-Petow/Sue Kimball 64 76 (9) and will face Babb/Novack tomorrow.

    starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-015 starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-017 starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-023 starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-024 starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-001 starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-003 starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-007 starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-009

    The 85s concluded today with Rosie Asch taking the singles title and Jane Lutz finishing second.

    In the 35 singles, the top two seeds reached the final. Jennifer Bishop of Canada will take on Christina Sirianni in the final.

    starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-058 starred photos Saturday Crawford Cup 16-059

  • Crawford Cup Friday: Upsets, Tumbles and Tennis in the Wind

    The tennis started early on a cool, breezy Friday. A cold front bringing cold weather and some rain improved the courts’ playability a lot, and the grounds crew did a great job getting the courts ready for play at 9am sharp. Draws are here: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=170979#&&s=7

    Cindy Johnson, the #3 seed in the 55 singles, tumbled out of the tournament literally, around 10am…she was playing Susan Boyer, the #5 seed (Susan leading 4/3), fell and broke her wrist. The good news, if there can be some, is that it was her left wrist and she’s a righty with a one-handed backhand. She said she’d broken it before, a decade earlier and was quite certain it was broken and when she came back from the hospital it was with a cast and a prescription for percoset (a pain reliever). However it wasn’t a severe break and hopefully she’ll be back in action soon. Her main concern was her ability to snorkel in two weeks in Hawaii (her on site orthopedic looked pretty skeptical about that).  Diane Barker, Fran Chandler and I won; I play Fran in the semis tomorrow at 9am.


    starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-040

    Erin Boynton/Abbi Neuthaler, the 4th seeds, played one of their best matches to oust the 2nd seeds, Ann Pellow/Yvonne Gallop 63 62. They play the top seeds, Betsy Savitt/Kris McDonald in the final. Savitt/McDonald had to go three sets to oust Boyer/Kathy Vick. Ann is holding up her hand in apology for nailing Erin in the back with a volley.

    starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-003 starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-007 starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-010 starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-011 starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-012

    In the 75s, Suella Steel continued her comeback from injury and illness, upsetting the #2 seed, Burnett Herrick 63 63 to advance to the semis against Ria Graham. Ria upset #3 seeded Inge Weber of Canada in three sets, then played (according to Carol Wood) great doubles as Wood/Graham beat Libby Keenan/Lola O’Sullivan to advance to the finals. There they face Steel/Weinstock, who took out Herrick/Dorothy Wasser. Weinstock will also take on Donna Fales in the other semi tomorrow.

    starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-020 starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-023 starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-032 starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-033 

    starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-024 starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-025 starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-026 starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-028 starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-030 starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-031  


    In the 65s, Kerry Young, the top seed, defaulted out of the tournament (sore shoulder), but after treatment was able to successfully combine with Sue Bramlette to reach the doubles semis. Sue Kimball, the #3 seed, fell to Simmy Pell in two tough sets and Carol Clay and Toni Novack also advanced. Bramlette plays Clay and Pell faces Novack in the semis. All the remaining doubles seeds advanced, though Clay/Ellen Goodman had to go three sets before taking down Liz Smylie/Elly Learie.

    starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-039

    In 45s, Sirianni/Garzon won over Neuthaler/Johnson by default (broken wrist, remember?) and in the 35 doubles, the Canadian duo of Jennifer Bishop/Liane Mar took the title. Bishop and Mar play tomorrow in the semis and Sirianni plays Funk.

    starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-001  

    The 85 doubles final was held today and Jane Lutz/Rita Price beat Rosie Asch and Louise Russ.


    starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-035starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-037starred photos Crawford Cup Friday-019IMG_9549

  • Crawford Cup: Windy & Warm Thursday

    The Crawford Cup, a Super Cat II tournament for women: 35/45/55/65/75/85 started yesterday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It’s being held at the venerable Lauderdale Tennis Club which has 20 green clay courts. It was in the 80s and windy, a nice South Florida February day.

    The 35/45 age divisions were combined and play starts tomorrow in those divisions.

    In the 55s, there were 18 players and 8 seeds. It is a really strong draw. I played Marianne Caplan, playing her first clay court tournament in a while. She’s tough though and once she got going the second set was tough. I won 60 64.

    Ann Pellow, the 7th seed, lost to local club member Sherrill Colombo who played her tennis at  University of Washington. Ann played at Pepperdine so they knew each other. Sherrill used her familiarity with the surface and conditions to win 64 16 63. Her “reward” is a date with Fran Chandler the #2 seed. I play Kathy Vick who beat Suzanne Siegler 61 61. Cindy Johnson took out Erin Boynton 62 60 and now plays Susan Boyer. Diane Barker beat fellow South Carolinian Sally Smith 62 62 and plays Yvonne Gallop who edged Meg Barclay 62 76.

    In the 65s all the seeds advanced in straight sets other than Ellen Goodman, who won a tough battle with Jovette Levine when Levine retired down 42 in the third set.

    In the 75s, Suella Steel, who just aged up to that division (she turned 74 in December), beat the #5 seed, Grace Woo 62 63. She plays Burnett Herrick, the #2 seed next. Herrick is giving up six years to Steel though. The rest of the seeds advanced to the quarters without incident.

    In the 85s, it was a battle of the two most recent World Champions in that age division, Jane Lutz (2013-4) and Rosie Asch (2015). Rosie prevailed in three sets. Rita Price beat Louise Russ in the other 85s round robin match.

    In doubles the only upset occurred in the women’s 75s. Libby Keenan and Lola O’Sullivan beat #4 seeded Jane Pang and Grace Woo 63 63 and take on top seeded Carol Wood/Ria Graham in the semis. Steel/Sheila Weinstock play #3 seeded Herrick/Dorothy Wasser on the other side of the draw.

    Link to draws: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=170979#&&s=7

    Photos tomorrow!

  • Carter, Barker Take Crawford Cup Titles Back to Charleston

    The Crawford Cup finished today with decisive singles wins by Brenda Carter and Diane Barker. Carter beat Anne Guerrant (who took out top-seeded Kerry Young yesterday) 62 62 to regain the Crawford Cup title she lost to Betty Wachob last year. I didn’t see any of that match since I was playing Diane at the same time and our match was longer but I heard Brenda played well and she was pleased with the win. It was the first time Carter and Guerrant had played on a clay court; Guerrant had won their grass court meetings.

    Diane beat me 60 64; the first five games lasted only about 10 minutes I think…Diane just hit winner after winner. I got the ball back a little deeper in the second set and we had some good points, but Diane finished strong, hitting some net skimming shots to take the last game. Kathy Vick beat Kris McDonals 61 62 to place third.

    In the 45s doubles final,  (2) Carter/Quentrec d. (4) Neuthaler/Zasloff. Quentrec, playing for France was a top tour player.

    After the tennis Kathy Langer and I went to the beach in Boca Raton. The weather was perfect, mid 70s, sunny and the water was very pleasant.

    Many thanks to Patty Crawford and her crew this year. The officiating was much improved and even with all the rain the tournament was well run.

    boca beach CAn on beach IMG_1639 kathy on beach

  • Crawford Cup Day 4, Sunny Saturday in the “Sunshine” State

    No rain today at Crawford Cup! I’m sure the staff, tournament director, referee and volunteers were as happy as the players about that weather outcome.

    There were a lot of finals played today and few upsets.

    In the 85s, two-time world champion Jane Lutz beat her doubles partner Rita Price. Rita was her usual ebullient self, happy that she won eight games in defeat. Jane and Rita then won their doubles match in three sets after which I saw them eating their pulled pork sandwich with fries (no vegans allowed).  Rita is already looking forward to the 90s next year. This group of 85s is pretty spunky.

    Donna Fales (check her birth certificate) won the 75s over Burnett Herrick. Inge Weber edged Grace Woo in three sets to place third. Burnett though didn’t go home without a title, teaming with Dorothy Wasser to win a tight two-setter over Kathy Langer and Lyn Tietz. For Langer, who was playing her first tournament after back surgery, the tournament was a success anyway. Lola O’Sullivan/Libby Keenan took third.

    Anne Guerrant upset top-seeded Kerry Young in the 65s in straight sets, hitting too firmly for Kerry to successfully execute her deadly dropshot often enough. Carol Gay defaulted too Brenda Carter (illness), so Carter faces Guerrant in the final tomorrow. However Young ended the day on a winning note, teaming with Sue Bramlette to thoroughly beat Carter/Cindy Babb. Sue was on top of the ball, hitting numerous angles which opened up the middle and Kerry was on top of the net to finish the point there. The 3/4 playoff was won 76 (8) 76 (8) by Toni Novack/Pam Simons over Carol Clay/Ellen Goodman; Clay/Goodman had numerous set points in the second set but didn’t seem to perturbed by the loss, having enjoyed the match.

    In the 55s, I beat Kris McDonald in a tough 63 61 match while Diane Barker allowed Kathy Vick only a single game in advancing to the final. McDonald though won the doubles title with Betsy Savitt 63 64 over Cindy Leprevost/Yvonne Gallop, the third seeds. In the 3/4 playoff, the top two seeds squared off, with the top seeds, Mary Ginnard/Vick finishing strongly, beating Erin Boynton/Abbi Neuthaler, the second seeds, 46 62 62.

    Susan Boyer won the 45 singles by default over Daniela Esswein. The 45s doubles is set too, between Neuthaler/Sally Zasloff and Melanie Carter/

    Draws and results; http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=155292#&&s=7Draws8

    starred photo starred photos 2-6-2015 2-00-45 PM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-06-20 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-05-06 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-05-45 AM  starred photos 2-6-2015 11-06-55 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-13-29 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-14-24 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-15-25 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-16-26 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-23-43 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-58-49 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-59-13 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-59-48 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 12-02-29 PM starred photos 2-6-2015 12-16-27 PM starred photos 2-6-2015 12-18-12 PM starred photos 2-6-2015 12-29-05 PM

  • Rain Delays and Upsets on Crawford Cup Day 3

    Matches started at 9am today and the weather forecast was pretty good, only a 20% chance of rain….I warmed up and then played Kathy Foulk at 9. The first three games were long, all deuce games and Kathy hit some good shots. However, I managed to get the last point in those games and set the tone for the match, which I won 60 60 in about and hour and 15 minutes. We played under sunny skies and mild conditions with a decent north/south breeze. However, by 11 it was sprinkling and by 12:30 it was pouring again, resulting in a 2 1/2 hour delay.

    However, by 2:30 it was dry and play continues still into the night.

    There were some smattered upsets today. In the 55s, Kris McDonald, seeded #6,  routed #4 seeded Erin Boynton 62 61. The former touring pro has a smooth game…I play her tomorrow so I’ll see a lot more of it by tomorrow night. Diane Barker and Kathy Vick easily advanced to the semis.

    In the 65s, #6 seed Carol Gay edged Toni Novack (#4) in a rain interrupted marathon, 36 75 75. Sue Bramlette was two points from the 2nd set against Kerry Young, serving at 54 deuce, but fell 61 75 in a well-played match. Anne Guerrant (who plays Young next) and Brenda Carter advanced comfortably.

    Burnett Herrick, who will be 80 in December, seeded 4th, edged defending champion and #2 seed,  Inge Weber (the current 75s world champion) in another rain interrupted match, 36 64 63. She faces former world champion Donna Fales, a 64 62 winner over Grace Woo.

    In 55 doubles, Cindy Leprvost and Yvonne Gallop, seeded 3, beat the #2 seeds, Abbi Neuthaler/Erin Boynton 76 62. McDonald and Betsy Savitt, seeded 4, took out the top seeds, Kathy Vick/Mary Ginnard 67 62 21 (ret. inj). This was a late match which ended under the lights.

    Kathy Langer and Lyn Tietz, seeded #2, held off a stiff challenge from Lola O’Sullivan/Libby Keenan, prevailing 63 26 75.

    Tomorrow the weather should be a  bit drier, play begins at 9am.

    Draws/results: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=155292#&&s=7Draws9

  • Crawford Cup, Rainy Start leads to Finish Under the Lights

    The Crawford Cup began yesterday and the weather was fine, but the forecast for today was ominous…100% chance of rain according to weather.com this morning. By 8:15 it was raining, by 8:30 it was pouring, and Mother Nature was putting on a big show, thunder, lightning, and rain that California could only dream of.

    Play was delayed, then delayed again, but thanks to the ground crew, all volunteers, and good communication on the website, the players started drifting in a little before 3pm and play began about 3pm. The tournament recognized that the critical matches were the round of 16 matches in the 55, 65 and 45 singles and put  them on first, followed by the 75s and 85s, then some of the doubles.

    I played Tami Bass from Vermont (though she’s been in Florida for several weeks), who had taken out Suzanne Siegler the day before. She runs well and is consistent but I managed to beat her 61 61. Next up is Kathy Foulk who won her match 60 ret. (her opponent had a knee injury). All 8 seeds in the 55s advanced. In fact there were no upsets in any division in singles today. Kathy Vick had a good battle with Sally Smith in the 55s, winning 64 63 and Grace Woo held off multiple set points with Ria Graham serving at 65 in the first set to win 76 63 in the 75s.


    Click here to see the results and draws. http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=155292#&&s=8Results0

    kathy and teal in the rain rain by pool Rain