Draws Up for ITF S700/USTA Level 2 (plus Level 1 Mixed) in Palm Desert, CA

The first big USTA tournament since February of 2021 will take place in Palm Desert, CA April 1-11, the Wilson World Tennis Classic.

Bookmark this link because the draws can be found here.

This tournament offers singles and doubles, men and women 35-85 plus mixed (50/60/70/75/80 are Level 1/ITF S700 events).

The USTA has a new “play tennis” software platform, but it wasn’t quite ready for prime time so the draws were done using the TDM/tennislink platform.

All events will be played on hard courts at various venues in the Palm Desert area. This tournament has a long history…I remember playing it over 30 years ago for the first time. Steve Solomon (father of Ken Solomon, creator of the Tennis Channel) was a long time director followed by Ed Trost. Caerwyn Evans is the current TD.

It’s nice to be writing about a tournament that is happening instead of one that’s being cancelled or postponed (again).

2 responses to “Draws Up for ITF S700/USTA Level 2 (plus Level 1 Mixed) in Palm Desert, CA

  1. Poor scheduling. Men’s 65 hard courts in San Diego May 17-23 and Clay courts May 19-23 in Mississippi. With the entire year available, you would think they could have done better.

    • Different level tournaments. In a COVID year, Men’s 65 hard courts had to move venues and dates, as the original site refused to host.

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