Eoin Collins, Julie Cass and Fran Chandler Win World Singles titles to Lead US Medalists in Palm Beach Gardens

Here’s a list of US players who medaled in individual events at the ITF World Seniors Individuals; Also listed are the players who medaled in the team events. I realized I never did a post event round up. (It’s raining here in Canada today.)

Winners received gold medals, Finalists received silver medals and losing semifinalist (no playoff) both received bronze medals. All players reaching the semis in singles or doubles received prize money.


Men’s 45: Gold: Eoin Collins; Bronze: Oren Motevassel

Men’s 40: Bronze: Andy Lake

Men’s 55: Silver: Danny Waldman; Bronze: Mark Vines

Women’s 35: Silver: Patricia Zerdan; Bronze: Mami Inoue

Women’s 45: Gold: Julie Cass

Women’s 50: Gold: Fran Chandler; Bronze: Tracy Houk & Susan Boyer

Women’s 55: Silver: Diane Barker; Bronze: Susan Wright & Tina Karwasky


Men’s 40: Bronze: Willie Dann/Lew Miller

Men’s 45: Gold: Aldo Burga/Ricardo Mendivil; Silver: Carl Clark/Mario Tabares; Bronze: Jeff Cohen (with Frank Vermeer, Netherlands)

Men’s 50: Bronze: Horacio Rearte/Louis Ballantyne

Men’s 55: Gold: Mike Tammen/Danny Waldman; Silver: Wes Cash/Mark Vines

Women’s 35: Gold: Simona Bruetting/Gee Gee Garvin; Silver: Mami Inoue (with Mifumi Emoto, Japan)

Women’s 45: Silver: Julie Cass/Vesna McKenna; Bronze: Shelly Works (with Julie Dybenthal, Austalia)

Women’s 50: Silver: Vicki Buholz/Judy Newman; Bronze: Fran Chandler (with Sue Webb, Gr. Britain)

Women’s 55: Gold: Pam Cooke/Carolyn Nichols; Silver: Mary Ginnard/Tina Karwasky; Bronze: Diane Barker/Susan Wright


Mixed 45: Silver: Margaret Lumia (with Carlos Gomez Diaz, Argentina)

Mixed 50: Gold: Rick Leach/Erika Smith

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Click here to see all draws in pdf format.

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  1. Congratulations to all you mahhvelous players! Thanks for the update and hope the rain abates!

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