Florida beats Norcal 4-1

NorCal 45s finished 4th out of 13 teams in Naples. We started with 4 players… Phyllis Blackwell hurt her back & groin the first day; Debbie Croft started with an ankle injury and after playing singles added a bad back, Chris only slightly strained her quad ( playing 3 3- set singles and 2 3- set doubles and a couple of 2-set matches in 4 days). Against Florida we could only play 2 singles and 1 doubles. Chris overcame a match point to edge Susie Brown 46 76 75; Myke Loomis outplayed me and Mary Dailey and Tracy Viebrock beat Chris and me 64 in the third.

Southern beat Texas 41; but Kathy Vick had Mariana out there for hours.

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