Southern, Texas into the 45 final; Texas, SoCal into the 35 final

Texas beat NorCal in the semis 4/1…really 3/1 as NorCal, with only 3 players able to take the court had to default the #2 doubles. Debbie Croft made her singles debut against Vicky Bueholz and it was short but Debbie had a great time playing, despite having an injured ankle (from a sprain of 6 weeks ago…she is spunky, but her ankle has no spring). Debbie said the first set went by so quickly (20 min.) that she had to figure out a way to slow it down (bathroom break!).  Kathy Vick and Chris Ramsower-Pearlstein had a tough first set with Kathy won 64 and she didn’t miss much the rest of the set, winning 64 60. Carolyn Nichols edged Shelly Works in two long sets 64 63…it lasted long enough that sprinklers came on midway through the 2nd set, drenching Carolyn’s stuff (not Shelly’s…) before they were turned off.

Southern beat Florida 5/0. Fran Chandler beat Myke Loomis 63 62, but cramped badly on match point, took a 1 min injury time out, and won the next point with a passing shot. Mariana Hollman beat Susie Brown and Sue Bartlett beat Shelly Solomon, both in straight sets. The match of that tie was the doubles match between Hollman/Jaime Kaplan and Cindy Leprevost/Tracy Viebrock which was 3 sets. Kaplan picked up her level of play in the third set and Southern won comfortably the third set.

We think SoCal 35s won today over Southern; Texas 35s won yesterday which put them into the final.

The weather has been warm and humid but nice. We play Florida in the 3/4 playoff tomorrow, I play Myke, should be some more good tennis on the dirt. Some of us are fit and ready to take on Florida at home…and some are fit for coaching on the sidelines.

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