German Open

It’s another nice day in Bavaria today. I played Gaby Chop and she did sort of chop her backhand…used the same side of the racquet for volleys anyway as for forehands. I won 60 61 and actually hit 2 aces and several balls that bounced over her head into the backdrop, which considering how heavy the balls seem was surprising. She was quite nice and we had some good points. I play the #3 seed, Annalies Simons from the Netherlands tomorrow, she’s the #1 ranked Dutch player in the 50s and a very good player. We have doubles this afternoon. There are 5 teams and we are playing my first round opponent and another German player at 4:30. Doubles and mixed is quite casual here.

Several seeds pulled out including the #1 seed in the 60s, Eisterlerner and the #2 seed in the 50s, Smutny and some players were questioning why a much lower seed (instead of the #3 seed for example) were put in their places in the draw. They liked the idea of putting a higher ranked player in the same spot so the draws don’t get lopsided.

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