Germany Day 2, Update

Gundula and I won our doubles match 60 61, our opponents were very excited to win that game. We played my first round singles opponent and another German woman. Doubles is very loosely organized. No one was wearing matching outfits. There are 5 teams in the 50s but no other doubles…there were 4 teams in the 55s and they unfortunately didn’t combine the age divisions or offer those ladies a spot in mixed, they just canceled the doubles without contacting them.There were 4 teams in the 55s so they could still have started it tomorrow…the 50s had only 5 teams, or combined them, but they apparently removed the sign up sheet and it’s too late  now to do anything. It’s really too bad, Debbie Hobbs came a long way from the US to play this event, hard to attract overseas foreigners here who like doubles, the doubles draws are mostly an afterthought. There is one entry fee here for singles and either doubles or mixed. There are no ranking points or prize money for doubles, and since the tournament does not get extra money from doubles entry fees, canceling it only saves on tennis balls and court time. The ironic thing is that they chose this tournament to play over Klosters, which was not offering doubles this year and now wish they’d gone there, as it’s well organized.

We played doubles at a different club today, but I was unaware of that till I checked in…didn’t even know there was another venue and one needed a car to get there…which I don’t have. Fortunately my doubles partner came back to pick me up. The other venue was in a more rural setting, really at the base of a ski mountain. It was very pretty there. We had one funny moment when we started to warm up and the sprinklers came on the adjacent court, getting our stuff wet. We moved it to the other side of the court just in time for the sprinklers to come on in our court…no one seemed concerned, other than us, so we ended up moving courts.

Debbie won her consolation match today and she and Bridget play consolation tomorrow morning.

I play the semis against Annalies Simons and have to warm up early…will post tomorrow.

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