Germany, Friday, photos too

It’s late here so this will be brief.

I beat the 3rd seed, Annalies Simons from Netherlands 60 60. We had good points and I was just able to get the last one in all the games. I play my doubles partner, Weiland in the final. She beat Schulz 63 61, and Schulz is a good player, I’ll have my hands full tomorrow. We play Schultz in the doubles, she and her partner upset the top seeds, Nora Blom/Simons 76 64 by coming to the net off serves and returns. They were losing staying back and changed tactics very successfully.

Bridget Harrer and Debbie Hobbs both won their 55 consolation matches and are in the final. They also talked to the referee, we saw him today and he agreed to have a doubles, combining the 55s with the 45s, so they also have doubles tomorrow. That’s good news.

Really nice day today but tomorrow won’t be as good, hopefully it will stay dry.

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