Homewood, Laguna Woods and La Jolla, End

The last two days of the La Jolla tournament saw the feed in consolation matches finish. Canada’s Erin Boynton had a good finish in the 50s, placing 5th to Dallas’ Vicky Buholz, a solid all court player with a terrific overhead.

In the 70s, Dori deVries was the Feed-in queen, winning the singles FIC, then combining with Roz King to beat Sheila Weinstock/Jane Pang in the doubles final that was the last match of the tournament (tournament officials were hovering as the 2nd set closed in on a tiebreak!)

For all results click here: http://tennislink.usta.com/TOURNAMENTS/TournamentHome_New/Tournament.aspx?T=115643

In Laguna Woods, Lester Sack won the 75 singles over Herm Ahlers; Jim Nelson’s new knee won it’s first gold ball, with Bob Duesler, over Neil Hurlbut/Dick Doss. Tony Franco won the 85 singles over Graydon Nichols and they combined to win the doubles (Tony is 1/2 way to singles and doubles gold slams!); in the 80s, George McCabe beat Joe Russell then combined with John Powless to win their second gold ball of the year as a team in as many tries. Bob Sherman took the 90 singles.

For complete results click here: http://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/TournamentHome_New/Tournament.aspx?T=115727

In Homewood, Mary Firek , who finished fourth a year ago, won the FIC, beating her doubles partner, Gail Muryama, then Donna Drosner, all on Saturday in HOT muggy condItions..no AC at Homewood. She and Gail then had a 3 set loss to Drosner/Debbie Burgess. A team of doubles specialists, Mary Morgan and Julie David won the 55 doubles FIC over Burgess/Drosner.

Simons Bruetting won the 35 singles!

Erika Smith won the 45 FIC over Judy Van Raalte.

For complete results click here: http://tennislink.usta.com/TOURNAMENTS/TournamentHome_New/Tournament.aspx?T=116724

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