Houston Saturday: Hartsock Wins 55 Singles & Thu Conquers 45s

Writing from Palm Desert, CA:

Draws can be found here.

Charlotte Hartsock (5) won the 55 singles over Shelly Works (3); Hartsock beat the #1, 4 and 3 seeds en route to the title. Renee Saheim won the bronze by default.

In the 45s, Julie Thu was the clear winner, beating Francesca Lao in the final. Nancy Hilliard, comprehensively beaten by Thu in the semis, edged top seed Amanda Parson Siegel in three sets to take the bronze. Amanda, who had a four hour match the day before definitely got her clay court practice in. Lao/Parson Siegel had better luck in doubles, advancing to the final in straight sets where they will face Deanna Vroman/Karen Rembert.

Thu & La O, photo from NWTO instagram

In the 35s, Kaysie Smashey and Stephanie Wallace will face off in the final tomorrow morning. Smashey/Thu (1) will take on Stephanie Wallace/Angela Hendy (2) in the doubles final.

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