USTA to Award Level 1 Points to ITF World Championships Held in Florida in April/May (50-90)

The USTA will award Level 1 points to the USTA players participating in the 2022 ITF Seniors and Super Seniors Individual World Championships in Palm Beach County, Florida.

The dates of the Super Seniors (65-90, men/women, singles/doubles/mixed) will take place in Boca Raton and Boynton Beach Florida April 30-May 7.

The dates of the Seniors (50/55/60) are May 7-15 and the event will take place in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Entry to this event is via the ITF Ipin site (google ITF ipin, log in or create an ipin if you have NEVER had one, scroll to the bottom and click on “enter tournaments” then scroll down to the end of April/beginning of may and enter!

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