Houston Thursday

The weather was fine and so was the tennis today in Houston. 

In the 35s, Patricia Zerdan overcame a 25 deficit in the first set against Caroline Blouin to beat her 76 60. She faces Trish Riddell who beat Cathie Farrell 61 61 in the other semi. 
In the 45s, the semis were a repeat of Checket Cup…same 4 semifinalists playing the same opponents. Vesna McKenna again beat her doubles partner, Susan Love, this time 64 61. McKenna was down 31 in the first and served for about 20 minutes according to her…hit at least one line on a big point and held and that turned the match her way. Fran Chandler had to work hard to get past the fast improving Jenny Klitch 63 75. It was a long match, 2 counterpunchers, 2 steady fast players…= long rallies.
In the doubles in the 45s, Love/McKenna beat Chandler/Loomis 64 63…Love/McKenna are both tall, and very aggressive players…McKenna would set up Love for the finish repeatedly. The other semi was a barn-burner. Dailey/Smith edged Anna Zimmerman/Ann Whitney 67 (10) (what a tiebreaker!) 46 64. 
In the 55s,  the top 4 seeds moved into the semis. Sherri Bronson, the defending champion, edged her doubles partner, Leslie Murveit in 3 sets…Leslie said the surface blunted the pace of her groundstrokes, and that Sherri ran everything down; she plays Tina Karwasky next; I play Martha Downing. 
In doubles, the top 4 seeds are into the semis: Tracy Viebrock and I play Karwasky and Sue Sprague; Sherri and Leslie play Lil Peltz and Betsy Savitt. Sherri and Leslie edged Sue Bramlette/Daryl Gralka 75 75 and Lil and Betsy won in 3 sets. 
In the 65s, Charleen put a scare into Heide Orth, winning the first set and staying even in the 2nd till Orth finally pulled ahead for good, winning the 2nd set 64 and the last set 60. Betty Wachob also lost the first set, to Lee Delfausse, before winning the final sets to reach the final. The doubles had the day off. 
Burnette Herrick has been described as a little streaky (her tennis game that is)….she won the first 4 games against Dorothy Matthiessen, hitting hard and deep, before Dorothy got into the match and eventually (about 3 hours later) won it 46 64 64. Boots Van Nostrand beat Mary Boswell 61 61 in the other semi. Boots and Dororthy beat Mary and Lee Burling in 2 close sets to win the doubles title in the 75s. 
In the 85s, Cathie Hall beat Dorothy Knode 63 64 to win the singles gold; Joyce Vanderpol won the bronze over Marion Tyrell. 
I posted more photos…photo gallery is running at http://www.carolynnichols.com. . 

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