Individual World Championships Lisbon, Day 3: Waiting to Play

Lisbon, Portugal

Today I was scheduled to play at the Club Internacional de Foot-Ball not before 4pm. Susan was scheduled there not before noon while Jenny Cerff had a 10:30 match at Estadio Nacional Jamor and Robin and Jenny were to play mixed with their respective partners there not before 5:30 pm.

Tracey, not wanting to miss any adventure, and Robin went to Sintra, a world heritage site near Lisbon. They did get to one of the castles, but due to traffic, lines to enter and the fact that Robin had to play in the evening they didn’t get into the castle. However, they really enjoyed the ride and saw some new countryside.

Since I didn’t play till late it was my job to do the grocery shopping in the morning. We have it down now…the mini market for freshly baked chicken, apples and sweet potatoes, and the supermarket for other supplies.

Robin won her mixed match with Ross Persons; Susan won her singles match; Jenny lost a tough one in singles 75 in singles and had to play Ros Balodis in mixed so they lost. I ubered over to the Foot-Ball club and saw the open court 2, which was the one I was assigned. But my opponent, who won a first round match, never showed up to play. Fortunately, Susan was nice enough to practice with me. The courts were really dry and slippery by the time we hit…not much clay on them (plus it was quite windy, which is normal for Lisbon according to locals).

Tomorrow Robin and I play doubles at noon; Tracey plays singles at 10:30 and doubles at 4 with Jenny and Susan plays doubles at 4. We all play at the Foot-Ball club.

Draws are here.

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