Island Hopping in Finland

Saturday was a day off for all the women players in Finland though I still practiced for several hours in the morning, mostly playing doubles. Then Susan and I took the public bus back to the apartment. We learned that you have to wave the bus down if it’s not otherwise stopping…we learned this when bus 39 went right on by us as we were waiting for it to stop. The next bus came about 15 minutes late (14) and we successfully waved it down, got on, then got off at the correct stop near the apartment. We also got 7-day bus passes that are also good for the local ferries to the islands and the trolley.

After Erin Boynton, Vesna and Vicki made it back from practice, we went to the market then took a ferry out to the island that’s a world heritage site. It was a lovely day and a pretty island with an old fort and a really nice view. Lots of people were picnicking or sunbathing there. We passed a lot of cruise ships on the way out to the island and many small islands. Tonight there are going to be bonfires and celebrating Juhannas (summer solstice).  This is the second biggest holiday in Finland after Christmas and all the stores are closed for 48 hours.  On the way back we went to the markets where Susan got a hat and Vesna and I got blueberries and raspberries (from Finland).

Tomorrow I play singles against a Japanese player at 3:30.

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