Week Two at the Seniors World Championships: First Round Success

The Individual World Championships began yesterday in Helsinki, but there were no women’s matches. Today, Sunday, the bottom half only of the 60s began along with the out rounds of the other women’s age divisions. Play continued in the men’s singles divisions. Mixed began today too.

We warmed up at a different facility not far from our apartment. We took the bus but it was a fairly short ride. The courts were nice and light. Both sides of the row of courts were glass with a nice view of the trees outside. The courts were near the sea and adjacent to a cemetery.

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I played Reiko Suzuki of Japan today. She had pretty nice groundstrokes and in warm up, an excellent serve, but once we started playing she didn’t stay in the points well and I won comfortably 60 60. Midway through my match though I heard the tournament desk calling for my doubles partner, Una Davis to check in…twice. So Susan Wright, who was watching, checked on it and Una had arrived…there was a snafu with transport but she arrived on time and won her mixed with Stephen Dance from Australia. They beat the #7 seeds, Christa and James  Cameron  from Canada 62 76(4). The second set was close, after the Cameron’s closed a 4-1 gap, but Una and Stephen played a good tiebreak to win. Una and Stephen are shown below on the right.

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USA players Tina Karwasky/Ross Persons played Lynn & Ronnie Van’t Hof in mixed today too and it was an excellent match. Ronnie, a lefty who once played doubles in Wimbledon, is an excellent doubles player and was on the So African 60s Cup team as was Lynn. They gave the #4 seeds all they could handle, splitting sets before Ross picked it up in the match tiebreak to win it 10-4.

Vesna McKenna/Ken White, USA won in the 50 mixed but Shelly Works and Judy Newman and their partners fell in the first round. Sherri/Peter Bronson won their first round mixed too.

The Americans (there are a lot of men who came over to play the individuals) did really well today with many upsetting lower seeds.

Here is a link to the draws and results: http://www.itftennis.com/seniors/tournaments/tournament/info.aspx?tournamentid=1100035781

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  1. Congrats on yourwin😄💜! Did you know you can attend college free of charge? It was in Moore’s documentary!

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