ITF Tennis – Seniors Circuit – News Article

ITF Tennis – Seniors Circuit – News Article.

ITF launches Seniors IPIN
The ITF today announced the launch of Seniors IPIN, a new online initiative for the 2012 ITF Seniors Circuit that is already successfully used on the ITF Pro Circuit and ITF Junior Circuit.

The online service is linked to a player’s International Player Identification Number (IPIN), and offers a facility that will further improve links between seniors tennis players, tournaments and the ITF. All seniors players will now be able to manage their 2012 tournament schedule using the IPIN online entry system.

The ITF Seniors Circuit consists of over 280 tournaments staged in over 60 countries. Men and women compete in 21 age categories, between 35-and-over and 85-and-over, with over 20,000 players taking part each year.

The Seniors IPIN provides the first step in the digitalisation of the ITF Seniors Circuit, with online entries launched in November 2011 for all ITF Seniors Circuit tournaments from 2012 onwards. All players must apply for a Seniors IPIN to play ITF Seniors Circuit events in 2012.

The IPIN service was first launched on the ITF Pro Circuit in 2005 for all players competing on the ITF’s men’s and women’s circuits. Its use was extended to the ITF Junior Circuit in 2008.

Facilities offered by Seniors IPIN initially include comprehensive information about the ITF Seniors Circuit, calendar and rule changes, regulation documents and online management of player profiles. Online entries and withdrawals, and a schedule planner will be added in November 2011.

The introduction of Seniors IPIN will also allow the launch in 2012 of weekly ITF Seniors World Rankings for singles, doubles and mixed doubles, while daily results from the ITF Seniors Circuit will be available on the ITF seniors website:

The registration process is extremely simple, with players following a set of online instructions. Seniors IPIN membership will be free of charge for 2012 if players register before 31 October 2011, after which it will be available for a small fee of $20. The IPIN fee will return to its normal level of $30 for the 2013 ITF Seniors Circuit. For any player competing in only one ITF Seniors Circuit tournament in 2012, either in singles or doubles/mixed doubles, their IPIN membership will be free in 2013. The IPIN is available in English, Spanish and French.

Luca Santilli, ITF Head of ITF Juniors and Seniors Tennis, said: “We are happy to be able to extend the ITF’s IPIN services to the thousands of players who compete each year on the ITF Seniors Circuit. This new initiative will allow us to greatly improve the administration of the circuit for the benefit of our constituencies, and to communicate more effectively with the players.”

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