USA Young Seniors World Championships 2015

USA Young Seniors World Championships

Dates: Team: March 15-21; Individuals: March 22-29, 2015

Wrap up from the Individuals

Draws for Individuals: only a few team players are staying: Josh Osswald, Shelly Works, Mitsumi Shirai,  Katerina Stanford and Amanda Parson-Siegel. There are a couple other Americans playing who weren’t on teams. I’ll have a final wrap on the individuals next Sunday.

Draws for Teams and Results Below

Women’s Cups USA Group & Notes Men’s Cups USA Group & Notes
Suzanne Lenglen (W35)
USA is in Group D
USA is in 5-8 playoff group Italia (M35)
USA is in Group C
USA is in the 5-8 playoff group.
Young (W40)
USA is in Group D
USA is in the 1-4 playoff group Tony Trabert (M40)
USA is in Group E
USA is in hte 7-12 playoff group
Margaret Court (W45)
USA is in Group B
USA is in the 4-6 playoff group Dubler (M45)
USA is  in Group B
USA is in the 6-10 playoff group.

Photos of the USA players and photos from Turkey .

Live Scoring from Turkey!

Who is going?


All countries participating:

Players Named to Each Country’s Team:

Individual World Championships

Other Information

USA Young Seniors, 2015, TurkeySimona Bruetting Julie Cass Michael Chang Tracie Currie Ross Duncan Dunn, Curtis Gee Gee Garvin Jared Jacobs Jeffrey LaymanChris SanniJacobs, Matthew McKenna, Vesna Josh Oswald Marcio PepeKline SackParson-Siegel, Amanda   Josh SchofiedMutsumi ShiraiSpence-Nasim, Debbie

Meredith Walton Shelly Works Zimmermann, Anna 3-17-2013 1-44-12 AM

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