Klosters: Into Singles Final; Half Way to Doubles Final

I played Rosemary Everett of Australia today not before 12:30 and we got on at 1:30 which wasn’t too bad. It was fun to play and I played pretty well..I like this 1200 meters of altitude so far. I play Helen Litt of NZL who beat the #2 seed first round, then the #3 seed today, and an Aussie team member yesterday so she’s having a good tournament so far.

The doubles has been hard for the tournament to schedule. I think they just don’t have as many courts as they would like despite using courts in Klosters Dorf, the Sport Hotel and the six at the Sports Center. And matches have untimed warm ups and there have been a lot of three setters. Today the tournament organization tried to finish early so players could go to the dinner at the top of the mountain. So anyway, Kerry and I were to play Reinhilde Adams and Nora Blom tonight after Nora and Reinhilde finished their quarterfinal doubles. They couldn’t play last night because one of the players didn’t know she had a match. Tonight Reinhilde had a birthday dinner to attend so had to stop at 4:55pm. The only open court was at the Hotel Sport (someone kindly drove us) wait 10 minutes for a match to finish, wait as the court was prepared….brushed, lined, watered; it was after 4pm before we even started warming up. We warmed up Kerry, who hadn’t hit today. We started playing about 4:25. We won the first set 61 and were up 2/1 when Reinhilde had to go. We finish the match tomorrow. Kerry was hitting while we were discussing the situation and didn’t realize we were only starting the match today; she thought we would get a retirement at 4:55pm (the match had been scheduled after all and it wasn’t our fault that one of our opponents had a party to attend). On the other hand, it was another beautiful part of Klosters where we played today. The views can be rather distracting…and relaxing.

So tomorrow I play Litt at 9:30, finish doubles not before 3pm (Kerry has singles not before 1;30 against Nora) and if we win we play the doubles final not before 6pm. I leave early Friday for the ITF World Seniors Team Championships in Ulm.

Meanwhile, my team is traveling to Ulm, or trying to. Susan Wright is almost there, but Pat Purcell’s flight was cancelled…she’ll be there tomorrow. Travel can be hard!

Draws are here.

Photos are here.

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