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  • Beating the Rain (and Opponents) on Finals Day in Klosters

    My first match today was at 9:30 and my last one finished in the dark as it started to rain sometime after 8pm.

    I played my singles under cool and breezy conditions against unseeded Helen Litt of NZL. She beat the #2 and #3 seeds en route to the final but it took a toll on her calf I think. She didn’t run for a lot of drop shots for fear of pulling it. I won the match and her calf was ok, so all in all it was a successful final.

    Later in the day, after my doubles partner, Kerry Ballard, played her last round robin singles (against Nora Blom), we finished our match which was suspended yesterday, winning 61 62, to reach the final.

    Meanwhile, the other semifinal was going on at a different location and Litt/Rosemary Everett won a cliffhanger 46 62 11-9.

    We started the doubles final on an unlighted court (Klosters has 4 with lights) at 6:30. We split sets and won the match tiebreak 10-8. I poached at 8-7 to give us two match points…and we only needed the two.

    Just as we finished the rain started, though play continued for a while on other courts. Kerry & Ian Ballard, Sue Ellis and Leanne Swaysland, all Aussies, Lisa Prechtel from Netherlands and I had dinner at the club. I had rosti (a fancy name for hash browns, with a fancy price to go with it) with eggs, and it was very good. My big suitcase is in Annelies Simons car and will go with her to Ulm. I am going by train tomorrow early.

    Next stop, Ulm, Germany for the ITF World Team Championships. Opening Ceremonies are Saturday!

    Klosters is a really nice place…I hope to be back soon and to have more time to explore the area next time.

  • Klosters: Into Singles Final; Half Way to Doubles Final

    I played Rosemary Everett of Australia today not before 12:30 and we got on at 1:30 which wasn’t too bad. It was fun to play and I played pretty well..I like this 1200 meters of altitude so far. I play Helen Litt of NZL who beat the #2 seed first round, then the #3 seed today, and an Aussie team member yesterday so she’s having a good tournament so far.

    The doubles has been hard for the tournament to schedule. I think they just don’t have as many courts as they would like despite using courts in Klosters Dorf, the Sport Hotel and the six at the Sports Center. And matches have untimed warm ups and there have been a lot of three setters. Today the tournament organization tried to finish early so players could go to the dinner at the top of the mountain. So anyway, Kerry and I were to play Reinhilde Adams and Nora Blom tonight after Nora and Reinhilde finished their quarterfinal doubles. They couldn’t play last night because one of the players didn’t know she had a match. Tonight Reinhilde had a birthday dinner to attend so had to stop at 4:55pm. The only open court was at the Hotel Sport (someone kindly drove us) wait 10 minutes for a match to finish, wait as the court was prepared….brushed, lined, watered; it was after 4pm before we even started warming up. We warmed up Kerry, who hadn’t hit today. We started playing about 4:25. We won the first set 61 and were up 2/1 when Reinhilde had to go. We finish the match tomorrow. Kerry was hitting while we were discussing the situation and didn’t realize we were only starting the match today; she thought we would get a retirement at 4:55pm (the match had been scheduled after all and it wasn’t our fault that one of our opponents had a party to attend). On the other hand, it was another beautiful part of Klosters where we played today. The views can be rather distracting…and relaxing.

    So tomorrow I play Litt at 9:30, finish doubles not before 3pm (Kerry has singles not before 1;30 against Nora) and if we win we play the doubles final not before 6pm. I leave early Friday for the ITF World Seniors Team Championships in Ulm.

    Meanwhile, my team is traveling to Ulm, or trying to. Susan Wright is almost there, but Pat Purcell’s flight was cancelled…she’ll be there tomorrow. Travel can be hard!

    Draws are here.

    Photos are here.

  • Switzerland is Beautiful

    Today started with an early hit with Nora Blom and then another 20 minutes with Haim Ohn who plays in the men’s 60s. Both are lefties. After hitting, icing and breakfast I took the tram up the mountain…two actually Gotschnagrat at 2285 meters where it was 11 degrees Celsius or about 60 degrees. The sun was in and out and the air was refreshing up there.

    I wasn’t going on a long hike, but did want to walk towards the Parsennmuette, which would give me some nice views…well fantastic views.

    As soon as I exited the tram building I could heard the cow bells. There were small herds of cattle near the Gotschnagrat and by the Parsennmuette and a few along the way. This animal got stuck on the trail by one of the wires put up to the keep the cattle from wandering and it was upset and bawling.

    There were hikers and some mountain bikers on the trails. Most people give the common Swiss German greeting of “Grüezi” (sounds like Gritzy to me) as they pass.

    It was just beautiful up there, and though the trams up were full, it is a huge area and didn’t feel crowded. I stayed up there for a couple of hours, and took the tram back down when I heard thunder rumbling.

    I went back to the club to watch my potential opponents, Annelies Simons and Swiss Barbara Von Oppersdorff. Annelies was down 52 when I came up but won the set 76. I left then, and later saw Annelies retired up 76 26 54. So I play Von Oppersdorff who is tall with a big serve.

    I went back to the hotel until the TD called me at 5:50 to let me know that doubles (the draw closed at 2pm) was starting not before 6…really around 7pm! That was a surprise since there were no doubles draws up when I left and it was after 2pm. So I got ready to play and as I walked back to the club it was sprinkling and I heard thunder. In the end play was rained out for the day. I play singles tomorrow not before 2pm (5th match with a 9am start) and doubles not before 6pm.

    The hotel WiFi is slow so I walked away while the photos were loading…and just walked back now.

    Draws are here.

    Photos are here.

  • Practice Day & Hunting for Ice

    I practiced today again with Nora Blom and Annelies Simons from Netherlands. We had a chance to practice with the Prince balls they use here (not for sale in the US); but the altitude of 4000+ feet has more of an impact on play than the balls I think. We had a nearly two hour practice and it was fun.

    The lines here are again different from those in Germany, Spain or France. The German lines were thicker, smoother and didn’t meet at the corners, there was a gap. The Spanish and French lines were painted on the courts.

    After practice I was able to get ice from my hotel for my shoulder, but still wanted some ice for my small cooler. I looked all over the Coop and didn’t see any. I finally asked and was told it was by the butcher. I still didn’t see any but asked the butcher and it turns out they sell ice by the kilo (about $2 a pound). Then they wrap it up and seal it. I guess there’s not a lot of demand for ice here.

    I relaxed in the afternoon. Tomorrow I’m hitting early with Nora, and will watch my potential opponents play in the afternoon, weather permitting. The weather has been nice but there have been frequent afternoon thunderstorms.

    Nora and Annelies are below…note the Dutch flag in the background between them (it wasn’t an accident).

    Flowers are at most windows and are beautiful. August 1 was Swiss national day and there are still a number of Swiss flags around town.

  • Klosters, Switzerland: Tennis in the Alps

    I’m baaack…in Europe. I traveled pretty much uneventfully from San Diego to Klosters starting at 5:45 Thursday morning: one Lyft, two flights, and three trains later I arrived in Klosters which is about two hours by train from Zurich. It’s a ski area (Princess Diana and Charles used to ski here), and in the summer a hiking/mountain biking/outdoor paradise, particularly this summer which has been warm.

    Of course I overpacked, which works ok when going from car to airplane to car, but not so well when your connection at Landquart requires going under and back up not once, but twice (no elevator). But I made the connection anyway, and found a ride for my suitcase to Ulm next week, so going there will be easy.

    Klosters is a small town, elevation 1200 meters (about 4000 feet). The sports center has 6 red clay courts and now, new since I was here last, 3 indoor courts, two of which are carpet and one underground which I’ve been told is a hard court.

    Yesterday I arrived around noon, got settled, went to the Coop (the grocery store), then took a nice walk along the river that goes past the Sports Center. There seems to be a lot of building going on, but in the main area of the town there have been few changes in the past three years. There’s a cute kids’ playground near the tennis club and a lot of families taking advantage of the equipment and the shade on a warm day.

    Today I had a couple of relaxed hits, first with Annelies Simons from Netherlands (and, we discovered later, my probably first round opponent, assuming she wins her first round. I think she will. Then I hit with Norcal Blom, also from the Netherlands, later on. She had to get a root canal done earlier in the day and was very happy with the result (no more pain).

    The doubles draw isn’t yet posted, but here’s the 60 singles draw and a link to the draws.

    Link to draw and results

  • Panoramaweg: Hiking in the Alps & Swiss Champion

    Today was really nice. It started early. I warmed up with Haim Ohn from Israel. He is a lefty and the 4th seed in the 55 men’s here and gave me a great warm up. I don’t know if I did the same but he won his quarterfinal match today after dropping the first set. I played Nora Blom. We went on Center Court after the men’s 75 final. Nick Ourusoff of USA was the top seed but lost 61 61 to another lefty from Italy, who was steady and strong. I played a good match and the altitude helped me today. I won 62 62.

    Haim and CAN Nora CAN with medals

    Michael Beautyman played a good match against Bruno Renout of France, the top seed. The first set was still going as I took the court about 10am. Beautyman said he served for the first set and had many close games in the second set too, but fell 76 61 to yet another lefty.

    After the medal ceremony, Bridget, Michael, Holly and I took the tram (cable car) up to the top (two trams actually) and went on the panoramaweg hike to Davos. It was warm even at over 2000 meters and a lovely day. After taking the wrong fork at the beginning, the walk was good and we didn’t get lost. It’s a popular walk as there’s not a lot of steep ups and downs…we encountered big groups of families and even a baby carriage or two on the walk. We figured if a five year old or someone pushin g a baby buggy could make it so could we. Bridget kept us to a brisk pace as the last funicular down was about 5pm. Bridget and her husband once took the tram up at Klosters, lost track of the time and had to walk down, which took them about 3 1/2 hours, and none of us, particularly Bridget, wanted to be hiking down at dusk.

    can by glacier IMG_8277 Michael, holly, CAn Bridget by lake Davos moooo flowersscenery star-003 scenery star-008 scenery star-010 scenery star-012

    The Panoramaweg goes along the side of the mountain with a beautiful view of the valley between Klosters and Davos and towards the end of Lake Davos and Davos Dorf.

    We made good time and took the second to last funicular down. We found a nice place for a meal (Rosti for Bridget and me, which is sort of like hash browns with cheese and in our case Canadian bacon on top…it was excellent, particularly since we had only apples for lunch), and Kar Liang joined us for dessert. We all took the train back to Klosters, about a 20 minute ride.

    Tomorrow I leave this beautiful place and take the train (3 changes of train…one is 6 minutes!) to Bad Breisig for the next tournament. It’s going to be very warm there tomorrow and I’ll be missing American air conditioning, but next week should be nice. Bad Breisig is a small town near Cologne, Germany right on the Rhein River.

  • Klosters: Into the Final and a Trip to the Top of the Mountain

    Today was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm, not hot. I played second match on Center Court, about 10am as I followed Mr. Althaus in the 80s and he won 60 60. I played Edith Hess from Switzerland. She hit some good forehands and went for broke, and I won 61 61. The ball really flies her at this altitude, that’s for sure.

     Edith Hess, Carolyn Nichols, Bridget Harrer

    Tomorrow I play Nora Blom of Netherlands  in the final. She’s #2 in the world, a former world champion and a very good player. We’ll both have our hands full and if I play well we’ll have a good match. I think she dropped only a game in three matches and that was to the world #3.

    After my match Bridget Harrer (RSA), Kar Liang (CAN) and I had lunch then headed up to the top of the mountain. It took two trams to get up there. We rose about 1000 meters, over 3000 feet. At the first stop all the mountain bikers got off to bike down the trail. We went to the top and walked about 15 minutes to an overlook where we could see a small distant lake and a little further on Swiss cows, and we could hear the sound of cowbells in the wind.

    Bridget and Kar can top of tram cows and scenery-001  cows and scenery-005   tram ride up with club in distancetop of tram-001lake view-005   view of glacier-001

    I dropped my glasses somehow along the way, retraced my steps without success, so Bridget gave it a try and found them in five minutes (I’d hiked around 30 minutes). 

    There’s a restaurant at the top of the tram and another one about 45 minutes away. Bridget and I may do a longer hike after my final tomorrow if the weather stays fine. restaurant and cable car

    Results aren’t up but I suspect that Nick Ourusoff and Michael Beautyman won but I didn’t stay around today to watch.

  • Klosters Tuesday: Americans Successful on the Red Clay

    There were only three Americans in the draw Monday and so far all of us are still in the running. I beat Bridget Harrer of So Africa and Austria on Center Court to start the day. Nick Ourusoff beat a tricky Swiss player, Spartaco Bomio 63 76. Bomio runs pretty well and lobs even better; Nick had to find a way to attack yet be patient and found the right balance to win 63 76.

    oursoff collage

    Michael Beautyman was second match on Court 4. First matches start at 10, so that means second match is usually between 11 and 11:30. He neglected to set an alarm and woke up he said at 10:15! He made it to the match on time though and won 63 61 against a Swiss player. Ruedi Oberholzer. Oberholzer didn’t have classic strokes but again ran well and got a lot of balls back in play.

    beautyman collage

    Kar Lian from Canada, though he lives in Geneva, fell in a match tiebreak in his first round match. Both guys covered the court well.


    kar liang collage

    After watching some tennis, we checked on doubles. There was only one other team and we were told to come back by 4pm, as we wouldn’t play before then. We came back and were told they wouldn’t play today, so maybe we will play Thursday, who knows. Or not, that’s the way doubles goes here in Europe. It’s not taken seriously in general.

    I play 2nd match tomorrow after 9am, after Mr. Althaus the #1 80s player takes the court. So about 10:15-10:30 I think.

    The day was mostly sunny and beautiful, but it clouded over in the afternoon and started raining by 5:30; it’s a thunderstorm now.

    Things that are different in Switzerland (other than the prices…high); plugs are different from the European double round plug; it’s a 3 pronged plug and they aren’t in a straight line; chocolate is pretty cheap and so are Swiss Army knives; Stringing alone (with one’s own string) is 30 chF, about $31; cars stop for pedestrians if they even are considering crossing the street; there are dozens of kinds of Swiss cheese, maybe hundreds!


    Results are under order of play; draws are under draws. http://www.itftennis.com/seniors/tournaments/tournament/info.aspx?tournamentid=1100033255

  • Klosters Tournament Day One

    Klosters began today. I had a bye, but all others 60s played. I watched the #2 seed, Nora Blom and #3 seed Encarnacion Gomez Ruiz play and also Bridget Harrer. Nora won easily against a French player. Encarnacion was tested in the second set but prevailed. Bridget started well, going up 41, but then her opponent began to move better and Bridget fell 75 and went down 40, rallied to 4-4 and was edged 64. I play Bridget tomorrow and the other player on Wednesday. The score cards here are interesting, kind of like a abacus, one ball for set on the top row and others for games below them.


    blom score 8-3-2015 12-44-32 AM 3357x2241 Nora Blom 8-3-2015 12-26-48 AM 3812x2544  Nora Blom 8-3-2015 12-28-00 AM 1384x2077 Nora Blom 8-3-2015 12-39-20 AM 2059x2061    bridget harrer 8-3-2015 12-34-32 AM 1400x2100 bridget harrer 8-3-2015 12-34-35 AM 2362x1576 bridget score 8-3-2015 12-33-27 AM 3644x2432 encarnacion gomez 8-3-2015 12-35-07 AM 1530x2302 encarnacion gomez 8-3-2015 12-42-16 AM 2080x2083   encarnacion score 8-3-2015 12-46-41 AM 4404x2939

    After watching, I hit with another American, Michael Beautyman, who is on the USA Britannia Cup team (I asked). We hit and played some sets on the court you see below…not a shabby view from there. .

    view from ct 5 8-3-2015 12-19-15 AM 5472x3648


    After finishing up my tennis I got my racquet strung (not an easy task, tennis is NOT big in Klosters) and also ran into the third American, Nick Oursoff, who just arrived fresh from winning the Russian championships. He’s the top seed here in the 75s; Beautyman is the #3 seed in the 65s.

    There is a park behind the main part of the club, and a par course. The view from the courts and walking to and from the courts (river)  is so pretty it’s distracting!


    parcours 8-3-2015 12-22-46 AM 3648x5472 parcours 8-3-2015 12-23-50 AM 5472x3648 vie from outside ct 2 8-3-2015 12-21-41 AM 5472x3648view from bridge of river mtn 8-3-2015 5-13-47 AM 5472x3648

  • Practicing in the Sun

    First of all the draws are finally posted: http://www.itftennis.com/seniors/tournaments/tournament/info.aspx?tournamentid=1100033255.  I am in a round robin group of three players; the #2 and #3 seeds, Nora Blom and Encarnacion Gomez-Ruiz are in a round robin group of four. I have a bye tomorrow and then play on Tuesday and Wednesday and if I win both matches, again on Thursday against the winner of Nora’s group.


    Today started out a bit dicey weather-wise. It rained till after midnight and was drizzling as Bridget and I optimistically headed towards the courts. However, the courts here, dry quickly and they weren’t puddled at all, just a bit damp at the baseline. After we swept them they were fine and we hit for a while, then I played a local player, Michael, a set. After that we had lunch at the club and the sun was starting to come out. We ran into Michael Beautyman, an American and later on Kar Liang, a Canadian who lives in Switzerland.

    After lunch the sun was out in full force. We were able to get in more practice and see the draws finally. All the 60s players except me play tomorrow, so I’ll be scouting.

    It was a quiet day in town, all stores except restaurants and the convenience store at the train station were closed as is common in Europe on Sundays.


    tennis club and area 7-30-2015 5-16-11 PM 1632x918

  • Rainy Saturday and a Trip to St. Moritz

    Klosters is up in the mountains, at about 1200 meters (about 4000 feet) and so gets a lot of rain normally (though till now this has been a warm and dry summer here). Yesterday it was wet early but I did get in a 45 minute hit before the rain started coming down in earnest. I’d never been to St. Moritz, about an hour by train from Klosters but had wanted to see it and yesterday seemed like a perfect day for it.

    St. Moritz is about 1770 meters, nearly 6000 feet and cooler as a consequence than Klosters. It’s quite near the Italian part of Switzerland and close to Italy…the train announcements were in German, English and Italian and I heard a lot of Italian spoken in the stores in St. Moritz and there were more Italian foods in the local Coop grocery store.

    The ride to and from St. Moritz was beautiful, green fields leading up to the high mountains. The weather was a bit better on the way back from St. Moritz and I could see more of the mountains and some snow. The hay here is compressed into cylinders rather than bales as in the US and then wrapped in plastic, very neat and tidy.

    baled hay cylinders 8-1-2015 5-53-55 AM 2593x2601 baled hay cylinders 8-1-2015 5-54-08 AM 5472x3648 baled hay cylinders 8-1-2015 6-03-20 AM 2007x1339 scenery on train back to Klosters from SM 8-1-2015 5-58-43 AM 5472x3648  inside train 8-1-2015 5-56-41 AM 5472x3648  scenery on train back to Klosters from SM 8-1-2015 5-43-46 AM 5472x3648 scenery on train back to Klosters from SM 8-1-2015 5-43-59 AM 5472x3648 scenery on train back to Klosters from SM 8-1-2015 5-53-45 AM 5472x3648 scenery on train back to Klosters from SM 8-1-2015 5-58-09 AM 5472x3648 scenery on train back to Klosters from SM 8-1-2015 5-58-43 AM 5472x3648      scenery on train back to Klosters from SM 8-1-2015 5-58-56 AM 5472x3648 scenery on train back to Klosters from SM 8-1-2015 5-59-53 AM 5472x3648  scenery on train back to Klosters from SM 8-1-2015 6-00-03 AM 5472x3648 scenery on train back to Klosters from SM 8-1-2015 6-02-19 AM 5472x3648 scenery on train back to Klosters from SM 8-1-2015 6-11-13 AM 5472x3648 scenery on train back to Klosters from SM 8-1-2015 6-11-23 AM 3318x2213 tiny house at Zumm 8-1-2015 6-04-15 AM 5472x3648  

    St. Moritz is a ritzy town. It’s not all that big but every major haut couture store is there, from Armani to Yves St. Laurent. The busiest store though was the chocolate store. Yesterday was Swiss National Day, like our Independence day and Swiss flags and red pinwheels with white Swiss crosses were everywhere, especially at restaurants. There were also farmer’s markets and flee markets in Klosters and St. Moritz.

            collage of fancy stores chocolate collage

    flowers and flags on Swiss National Day 8-1-2015 4-21-08 AM 5472x3648  flowers and flags on Swiss National Day 8-1-2015 4-21-41 AM 3648x5472 flowers and flags on Swiss National Day 8-1-2015 4-27-42 AM 3250x3248 flowers and flags on Swiss National Day 8-1-2015 4-28-09 AM 3447x3451 flowers and flags on Swiss National Day 8-1-2015 4-21-22 AM 5472x3648    swiss bon bons 8-1-2015 4-33-40 AM 5472x3648


    When I arrived in St. Moritz I exited the train station to the Lake which has a nice walking path around it. It was pretty cool and overcast to I walked towards St. Moritz Dorf and then up several long flights of stairs (there were also escalators) to the town. There’s one beautiful old church steeple but the part of the church open to the public was minimalist and modern, not at all what one would expect after seeing the steeple.

    stairs up to town 8-1-2015 5-00-56 AM 3648x5472view of SM dorf from Lake with steeple 8-1-2015 3-39-57 AM 5472x3648 churches 8-1-2015 4-36-34 AM 3648x5472churches 8-1-2015 4-39-27 AM 3648x5472 lake 8-1-2015 3-35-00 AM 5472x3648 lake 8-1-2015 3-44-27 AM 5472x3648  lake with boat 8-1-2015 3-47-42 AM 5472x3648


    After walking around the town I went back to the train station and back to Klosters. It was dry so I decided to go back to the tennis center and hit some serves. However it started raining again and kept raining most of the night (it’s soggy out now). I did run into Nora Blom and Annelies Simons from Netherlands and we had dinner at the club. Back at the hotel I met up with Bridget Harrer from Austria and So Africa. We are going to try and play doubles here if there are enough entrants to make a draw…never a given in Europe.

  • Practicing on the Clay

    Friday was a beautiful day in Klosters. It was sunny and while Klosters is beautiful in any weather, when the sun shines it’s spectacular. I had arranged a hit in the afternoon at the sports center, and walked around the area a bit in the late morning. People don’t come to Klosters for tennis, they come for the hiking and mountain biking in the summer. In winter it’s skiing of course. Photos below are from a morning walk. starred photos day 2 klosters 7-31-2015 1-51-58 AM 5472x3648 starred photos day 2 klosters 7-31-2015 1-54-49 AM 5472x3648 starred photos day 2 klosters 7-31-2015 1-58-03 AM 5472x3648 starred photos day 2 klosters 7-31-2015 1-59-10 AM 5472x3648 starred photos day 2 klosters 7-31-2015 2-02-13 AM 5472x3648 starred photos day 2 klosters 7-31-2015 2-07-18 AM 5472x3648  starred photos day 2 klosters 7-31-2015 2-18-13 AM 4246x2832 starred photos day 2 klosters 7-31-2015 2-18-34 AM 5472x3648  starred photos day 2 klosters 7-31-2015 2-21-56 AM 5472x3648

    I hit with a local player, Corrinne, in the afternoon. The tournament director had arranged the hit. We drilled…she was nice enough to hit even though she was recovering from wisdom teeth extraction and wasn’t feeling too well.

    Well…raining today, but hopefully it won’t go on too long. Next week the weather during the tournament looks very nice. Draws still aren’t posted, but they should be by tomorrow.

  • Swiss Senior Championships, Klosters

    I am playing the Swiss Open Seniors in Klosters, about two hours by train from Zurich, starting Monday. It takes a while to get here from California…I left at 4:30am and arrived the following day at 3:30 pm. Now 3 1/2 hours of that travel was due to an airline delay (“mechanical” issues at United), but otherwise the trip was uneventful. I had to change trains twice between the Zurich airport and Klosters and did feel foolish at the Zurich main train station when I saw an elevator after I’d lugged my bags up and down a couple of flights of stairs. Cross training…yeah. Let’s go with that. At least I didn’t trip and fall or anything.


    The train station at the Zurich airport…well really one level up, was a big mall and had an amazing grocery store. It was possible to take a scanner and scan in all your purchases and then self check out…Swiss efficiency. As you can imagine, the chocolate aisles are impressive in Switzerland and there was also a huge Lindt store there. I had my hands full of luggage or I’d have been in big trouble.

    Switzerland is beautiful (and green…well, it does rain a lot, and it’s raining now). The train ride, particularly the last 40 minutes, on the “Glacier Express” from Landquart featured wonderful scenery. In addition to the mountains, there are corn and hay fields, and I saw several Swiss cows and a small deer farm.

    train ride to klosters 7-30-2015 1-09-23 PM 1632x918 train ride to klosters 7-30-2015 2-45-41 PM 1083x721 train ride to klosters 7-30-2015 3-05-19 PM 1632x918 train ride to klosters 7-30-2015 3-08-12 PM 1060x707 train ride to klosters 7-30-2015 3-18-26 PM 1632x918 train ride to klosters 7-30-2015 3-18-49 PM 1632x918 train ride to klosters 7-30-2015 3-21-41 PM 1632x918 train ride to klosters 7-30-2015 3-21-47 PM 1632x918 train ride to klosters 7-30-2015 3-24-13 PM 1627x793

    I checked into my hotel in Klosters easily, and the hotel was just across the street from the train station so that was easy. Not much has changed in Klosters really in the 20 years I’ve been coming here. The biggest change is to the river which goes past the tennis club. It used to have just dirt sides, now, for flood control, it’s been paved on the sides, but is still quite nice.

    After I checked in I walked into the town and thought I might try and find the type of tennis balls used in the tournament (a kind of Prince ball). I did find one store selling US Open hard court balls but the sales clerk told me they were stocked for putting into the dryer with down jackets, not for tennis! (Laundry tip of the day.) But since they were the only evidence of tennis I saw other than a closed shack at the tennis courts, I may go back and get them anyway.

    I did go by the tennis courts which were pretty quiet, only a couple of the 7 courts were in use by social players. Last week they were busy because there was a big European junior championship here in the 18 and under division.

    tennis club and area 7-30-2015 5-16-11 PM 1632x918 tennis club and area 7-30-2015 5-16-55 PM 1632x918 tennis club and area 7-30-2015 5-18-04 PM 1632x918 tennis club and area 7-30-2015 5-19-17 PM 1632x918 tennis club and area 7-30-2015 5-19-39 PM 1632x918 tennis club and area 7-30-2015 5-23-34 PM 1632x918 tennis club and area 7-30-2015 5-24-33 PM 1632x918 tennis club and area 7-30-2015 5-24-39 PM 1632x918 

    I did find out that the World Cup (skiing) will be here in 2017.

    tennis club and area 7-30-2015 5-27-28 PM 1632x918

    The draws aren’t up yet for this event but it looks like there are 7 in the draw so there will be two round robins with the winners facing off in the final.