Klosters: Into the Final and a Trip to the Top of the Mountain

Today was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm, not hot. I played second match on Center Court, about 10am as I followed Mr. Althaus in the 80s and he won 60 60. I played Edith Hess from Switzerland. She hit some good forehands and went for broke, and I won 61 61. The ball really flies her at this altitude, that’s for sure.

 Edith Hess, Carolyn Nichols, Bridget Harrer

Tomorrow I play Nora Blom of Netherlands  in the final. She’s #2 in the world, a former world champion and a very good player. We’ll both have our hands full and if I play well we’ll have a good match. I think she dropped only a game in three matches and that was to the world #3.

After my match Bridget Harrer (RSA), Kar Liang (CAN) and I had lunch then headed up to the top of the mountain. It took two trams to get up there. We rose about 1000 meters, over 3000 feet. At the first stop all the mountain bikers got off to bike down the trail. We went to the top and walked about 15 minutes to an overlook where we could see a small distant lake and a little further on Swiss cows, and we could hear the sound of cowbells in the wind.

Bridget and Kar can top of tram cows and scenery-001  cows and scenery-005   tram ride up with club in distancetop of tram-001lake view-005   view of glacier-001

I dropped my glasses somehow along the way, retraced my steps without success, so Bridget gave it a try and found them in five minutes (I’d hiked around 30 minutes). 

There’s a restaurant at the top of the tram and another one about 45 minutes away. Bridget and I may do a longer hike after my final tomorrow if the weather stays fine. restaurant and cable car

Results aren’t up but I suspect that Nick Ourusoff and Michael Beautyman won but I didn’t stay around today to watch.

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  1. Loved the photos from atop the mountain, and tram ride, cow bells (in tune too!)
    Brought back memories. Play well in finals, and thanks for those spectacular photos.

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