Klosters Tuesday: Americans Successful on the Red Clay

There were only three Americans in the draw Monday and so far all of us are still in the running. I beat Bridget Harrer of So Africa and Austria on Center Court to start the day. Nick Ourusoff beat a tricky Swiss player, Spartaco Bomio 63 76. Bomio runs pretty well and lobs even better; Nick had to find a way to attack yet be patient and found the right balance to win 63 76.

oursoff collage

Michael Beautyman was second match on Court 4. First matches start at 10, so that means second match is usually between 11 and 11:30. He neglected to set an alarm and woke up he said at 10:15! He made it to the match on time though and won 63 61 against a Swiss player. Ruedi Oberholzer. Oberholzer didn’t have classic strokes but again ran well and got a lot of balls back in play.

beautyman collage

Kar Lian from Canada, though he lives in Geneva, fell in a match tiebreak in his first round match. Both guys covered the court well.


kar liang collage

After watching some tennis, we checked on doubles. There was only one other team and we were told to come back by 4pm, as we wouldn’t play before then. We came back and were told they wouldn’t play today, so maybe we will play Thursday, who knows. Or not, that’s the way doubles goes here in Europe. It’s not taken seriously in general.

I play 2nd match tomorrow after 9am, after Mr. Althaus the #1 80s player takes the court. So about 10:15-10:30 I think.

The day was mostly sunny and beautiful, but it clouded over in the afternoon and started raining by 5:30; it’s a thunderstorm now.

Things that are different in Switzerland (other than the prices…high); plugs are different from the European double round plug; it’s a 3 pronged plug and they aren’t in a straight line; chocolate is pretty cheap and so are Swiss Army knives; Stringing alone (with one’s own string) is 30 chF, about $31; cars stop for pedestrians if they even are considering crossing the street; there are dozens of kinds of Swiss cheese, maybe hundreds!


Results are under order of play; draws are under draws. http://www.itftennis.com/seniors/tournaments/tournament/info.aspx?tournamentid=1100033255

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