Klosters, Pre Tournament

Friday Aug 1: Hello from Switzerland…Klosters is really
beautiful. I’m here for the Swiss Senior Championships. There are 6 red clay
courts in Klosters. We hit yesterday and finished just before the skies opened
up…lots of “Donner und Blitzen” (thunder and lightening).

 I drove from Zurich to
Klosters yesterday, which was a big Swiss holiday, something like the 4th
of July in the US.
The car I rented was supposed to be a VW Golf, a small car, but instead it
turned out to be a big SUV (aka “the Hulk…lots of fun parking here), but does
have navigation…miss Bossy in German.

 Sunday Aug 3: Hello again. Saturday was a big practice day,
Catherine Taylor from the US
and I played for three hours, last day practice courts were readily available.
We also hit the “Coop” market along with most of Klosters or so it seems. The
chocolates are of course great but so is the fruit, really great berries. We
also tried out the local transportation, successfully making it by bus to
Klosters but walked back. The weather was gorgeous after a huge thunder and
lightning storm with a lot of rain on Friday night, also a lot of fireworks on
the national holiday.

 Today we hit early (only an hour today), then took the
gondola up about 3000 feet. The views were spectacular, hard to take a bad
photo here. We hiked over to another ski lift then walked down, about three
hours or so altogether. We saw a lot of cows and their bells ringing was really
pretty and peaceful. We saw only a few hikers on the way down, but a lot of
mountain bikers. This apparently is a biking mecca as well as a hiking mecca,
there are hundreds of well-marked trails. The wildflowers are beautiful too.
It’s just a beautiful area and so very green.

 When we got back to Klosters we headed over to the tennis
club and ran into Janie Birukova who used to live in Ft Lauderdale part time
and also Ms. Tinelli who has a place now at the Tennis Club. It was really nice
to catch up with Janie, who is here with her dog Benny (who was napping at the
hotel at the time).

To see the draws, click here.

To see photos, click here.





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