Klosters, Monday

Hello from Klosters again. Today was a big practice day, morning and afternoon practices on the hotel courts. We hit the Coop in between to get the fantastic berries they have here, they taste like they were picked just minutes before the store opened, perfectly ripe…and of course bread and cheese, we have to support those happy Swiss cows we saw yesterday in the mountains.

I was sore today, who knew walking downhill (it was slippery) could be so tough. We did walk about 1000 meters downhill though.

I watched a bit at the club today. Nanda Fischer and Maria Luisa Tinelli, both of whom play some US tournaments were involved in a marathon first round in the women’s 65s. Tinelli won the first set and led 52 in the 2nd, Fischer rallied to win the 2nd set and it was 2-1 for Fischer when I left, that game was lasting 10-15 minutes already.

Practice tomorrow with Catherine, Birukova and an Aussie who is a transplanted Russian, (not sequentially!)…play begins Thursday in the 50s.

The weather has been ranging from ok to spectacular.

Draws: http://www.swiss-seniors.com/swiss_seniors4_002.htm

Photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/CarolynANichols/KlostersSwissChampionships

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