Klosters Tournament Day One

Klosters began today. I had a bye, but all others 60s played. I watched the #2 seed, Nora Blom and #3 seed Encarnacion Gomez Ruiz play and also Bridget Harrer. Nora won easily against a French player. Encarnacion was tested in the second set but prevailed. Bridget started well, going up 41, but then her opponent began to move better and Bridget fell 75 and went down 40, rallied to 4-4 and was edged 64. I play Bridget tomorrow and the other player on Wednesday. The score cards here are interesting, kind of like a abacus, one ball for set on the top row and others for games below them.


blom score 8-3-2015 12-44-32 AM 3357x2241 Nora Blom 8-3-2015 12-26-48 AM 3812x2544  Nora Blom 8-3-2015 12-28-00 AM 1384x2077 Nora Blom 8-3-2015 12-39-20 AM 2059x2061    bridget harrer 8-3-2015 12-34-32 AM 1400x2100 bridget harrer 8-3-2015 12-34-35 AM 2362x1576 bridget score 8-3-2015 12-33-27 AM 3644x2432 encarnacion gomez 8-3-2015 12-35-07 AM 1530x2302 encarnacion gomez 8-3-2015 12-42-16 AM 2080x2083   encarnacion score 8-3-2015 12-46-41 AM 4404x2939

After watching, I hit with another American, Michael Beautyman, who is on the USA Britannia Cup team (I asked). We hit and played some sets on the court you see below…not a shabby view from there. .

view from ct 5 8-3-2015 12-19-15 AM 5472x3648


After finishing up my tennis I got my racquet strung (not an easy task, tennis is NOT big in Klosters) and also ran into the third American, Nick Oursoff, who just arrived fresh from winning the Russian championships. He’s the top seed here in the 75s; Beautyman is the #3 seed in the 65s.

There is a park behind the main part of the club, and a par course. The view from the courts and walking to and from the courts (river)  is so pretty it’s distracting!


parcours 8-3-2015 12-22-46 AM 3648x5472 parcours 8-3-2015 12-23-50 AM 5472x3648 vie from outside ct 2 8-3-2015 12-21-41 AM 5472x3648view from bridge of river mtn 8-3-2015 5-13-47 AM 5472x3648

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