Mallorca Seniors Open Champion

Draws are here.

Today I played  Ulrike Hachmoeller-Eisenbach (Dr.) in the final of the Mallorca championships and it was a tough match…the first set lasted over an hour but was won 64. Ulrike is new to the Masters circuit but very rapidly improving…lefty, good forehand, great movement, super fit, decent 2-handed backhand too. As soon as she learns a few more shots, watch out! I sort of figured out her game at about 4-4 and gutted out the 4-4 and 5-4 games and after recovering from 15-40 in the first game of the second set to go up 1/0, won the set 61, but there weren’t a lot of easy points.

After my match, our remaining two Kitty Godfree Cup members, Carolyn Lane and Bunnie Jackson arrived from the States, Carolyn arriving just as the medal ceremonies began.

The Mallorcan Seniors Open does a really nice presentation, giving out medals, prize money (for singles), very nice towels (for doubles), playing the national anthem of the winners (both anthems in the case of a dual nationality teams). Carolyn & Susan were very impressed! Many thanks to Helge Albrecht and his team for making this week so great for the players.

American winners/finalists: Chuck Nelson M90 singles champion & MD 85 champion (unfortunately I did not get a photo); Michael Beautyman, M75 Singles finalist; Carolann Castell, W75 Consolation finalist; Bruce Barrett/Castell, Mxd 75 finalists; Daniel Grossman, M70 doubles champion (with Andrew Rae); Susan Wright 65 Mixed champion (with Steve Dance, Australia) and 65 WD champion (with Carolyn Nichols USA) & Carolyn Nichols WS 65 Champion.

Players finishing in top four can be found here.

After the matches and ceremony, I went to the stores (no one store has all the items on our list…Mercandona has the right kind of tomatoes, broccoli, ice and shredded carrots; Lidl has the basic stuff and hummus, Tabbouleh, lambs lettuce etc; Eroski has the right kind of chicken for Susan and deli counter for sliced lunch meat!

After I got home and stretched and put away the food I crashed. Tomorrow we practice at 11 for an hour.

And that’s a wrap on the 27th Mallorca Senior Open.

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