Doubles Champions!

Draws are here.

Susan and I warmed up early for our 1:30 final (or so we thought), but received a message from one of our opponents who had a conflict then…so we agreed to play at 11am instead. We played Sabine Schmitz and Susanne Roseneck-Peterson, both from Germany and won a quick but fun match. Susan of course was great.

Susan and Steve Dance (AUS) did even better in the mixed doubles final, not losing a game in toppling the top seeds, Karen Peeters and Jacob Penman from Netherlands, a husband/wife team.

A few other results: Carolann Castell lost in a MTB in the final of the 75 consolation; Michael Beautyman lost in the final of the men’s 75 to Velasco; Chuck Nelson won the men’s 90s; Daniel Hazelton was in the mixed 80s final (no score yet) and Castell/Bruce Barrett are to play the 75 mixed tomorrow.

The weather was great as it has been all week.

I play the singles final tomorrow.

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