Mallorca Thursday: Americans into the final

It was a cloudy and breezy day in Mallorca.

John Powless, 75s, and I breezed into the final, I won 60 60 and John’s score was similar. Mariana, as is her wont, played a 3 hour match against the 2nd seed, Olga Shaposhnikova, and won 57 63 63, wearing down Olga with her relentless retrieving. Olga started the match moving Mariana around the court like a puppeteer, but as Mariana’s balls got deeper and higher, Olga lost patience.

I play Olga Markova in the final who edged Margaret Beyer 26 75 61, a scoreline very similar to the one from the day before when she beat the #2 seed…both were 3 hour matches.

In other divisions, Chris French ousted #2 seed Barboura Koutna in 3 sets, overcoming a shaky start to outsteady Koutna. She faces fellow Brit Anthea Stewart in the final.

Mariana and I won our doubles match against a seeded team 60 62 and play world champions, Olga plus Lesley O’Halloran tomorrow.

Finals are tomorrow and then to the airport for a late flight. Off to pack.

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