Marin Seniors, Friday

I am in Mill Valley at the Marin Senior Cat II. It’s being held on the 5 hard courts here and also, through today,  on 4 courts at Harbor Point in Tiburon (overlooks the Bay, San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.) Mill Valley is an old club, with a clubhouse that has large windows overlooking the courts. There are always lots of spectators for the matches, especially on the weekends, creating a great atmosphere for the tournament, both for the spectators and players.
The tournament began on Wednesday, just as some rare hot weather here. Yesterday it was in the mid-90s (but 105 in Lodi). A few players melted, but the sea breeze came in today and it’s in the 70s, sunny…no rain.
35-60 are the age divisions and there are a lot of tough players here. Local stars Polo Cowan and Jeff Greenwald are each playing 2 singles divisions..both are playing 40s, as is Curtis Dunn. The seeds are in the previous entry. Helle Virgah is playing 45 doubles with Carrie Zarranondia and Carrie is playing singles today. She faces Mary Johnson tomorrow while Tracy Houk and Kim Lackey will play on the other half of the draw.
The 50 singles has Chris Ramsower-Pearlstein and Carolyn Nichols playing while Leslie Murveit faces Robin Harris.
Carolyn Wei played her doubles partner, Mai Ichikawa in the 35s which was a RR. Valerie McKinney upset Mai in 3 tough sets on the first day of play and Carolyn beat her yesterday.
Tonight there’s a cocktail party…(no Tab though). More tomorrow.

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