Sunday Update from Turkey, Draws

I’m typing this at the tennis center in the dark at 10pm…very quiet. It’s the only place that has internet service I can use with my computer after 8 pm.


The opening ceremonies took place today. I got photos of all the teams but the men’s 60, Von Cramm, as the 4th player  Hugh, was busy winning a red clay tournament in Spain.


Here’s an update on the seeds as I know it, for the Americans. There may be more information posted at, but I haven’t gone there to look yet.


Women’s Teams:


Marble, 60s: They were not seeded. There are 14 teams and they were drawn with the Netherlands and France, the #1 seeds and defending champions. They play Netherlands tomorrow and France on Tuesday. Tomorrow Brenda Carter is playing 1, Betty Wachob 2 and Mary Wilson and Judy Louie will play doubles if they win the singles, otherwise, I don’t know.


70s, Gibson Cup…I think we are seeded 1 in the 70s and I don’t know much else, I got interrupted with taking photos of the teams. I’ll have more details tomorrow, but I believe the 70s ladies have a day off tomorrow.


75s, Queens Cup:  seeded #1 and they are in a 3 person RR with Canada, which has Rosie Asch, which is tough. Great Britain is in the other, 4 team RR. 


Men’s 60s…actually I didn’t talk to Charlie Hoeveler about the draw, I will do so tomorrow, and I know they do play tomorrow and were quite confident. I believe that Hugh and Mike Beautyman are playing the singles tomorrow.


Men’s 70s…again, took photos but didn’t talk to Jim much as he was the last captain done and it was a rush.


Men’s 80s. They are seeded #1 and are in the RR with Australia. They have a bye tomorrow which is good  They play Australia, which is tough, on Thursday, they are in a 4 team RR. The 2nd seeds are Austria, Legenstein and Jirkovsky. Jirkovsky beat Tony Franco last year in the semis of the worlds and he plays #2. Legenstein is playing #1 and is good but has a thin record of late. Australia has 2 “young” players…born in 1926.


I’ll do my best to update this and add some photos soon.





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