More Rain in Spain

It rained again this morning in Mallorca, though I didn’t see much of it…right outside my airbnb the street is being torn up and pipes put in and this morning they were jackhammering right up to the foundation!

However, once the rain stopped it was beautiful, though a lot of work had to be done on the courts…also some drainage pipes removed and reentered, and clay moved around via a wheelbarrow and shoveled onto the courts.

I did some exercises in the morning, then picked up a couple of things at the sporting goods and grocery stores before going over to Global for late afternoon training. I watched the juniors working hard (no breaks, no talking, just focused drilling/point play for 90 minutes at a time…really nice, motivated, bright group of juniors) for a while then took a walk in the neighborhood…lots of big houses, all of them gated, and a few nice views of the nearby mountains. Hopefully I’ll head into those mountains tomorrow afternoon.

I did cut into my tomato purchases at the market yesterday along with the Mallorcan bread from the nearby bakery…and along with the avocado and anchovies it was as good as anticipated…love the local produce markets here!

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