Consell Market, Tennis & Visit to Palma

This morning I made a quick visit to the Consell market, which was quite small. As is normal in the small villages in Mallorca, it was held in the church square, and had two smallish fruit and vegetable stands, a clothing stand, a rotisserie chicken truck and a meat/sausage/cheese truck. There is also a bakery in the square (and also around the corner from my apartment here).

I bought a huge tomato and bread…and bought anchovies today to make a bread/tomato/avocado/anchovy open faced sandwich…delicious!

Next I trained but only once today, for 90 minutes, then dropped by Aldi (Nord) for the aforementioned anchovies, fruit and marcona almonds…and chocolate, and had a nice lunch in the car while I plotted my next stop.

I decided to go into Palma as I hadn’t been there in years, and wanted to do a bit of shopping. I went to the main plaza and parked. The plaza felt a bit like those in Madrid and the area was hopping with tourists and locals. I walked toward the shopping street, Jaume III and did a bit of shopping, then walked down the Paseo del Borne which was lined with trees with a pedestrian street in the middle and shops and restaurants (filled with people) on the sides. I think there’s at least one gelato shop on each block…maybe more.

Of course I walked into El Corte Ingles and went to the grocery store there…always interesting…their meat and fish departments were pretty large and they had a big display of crustless “Bimbo” brand bread.

At the end of the street I saw the castle (Palacio Real de La Almudaina) and then walked toward the sea to view the Palma Cathedral (Catedral-Basilica de Santa Maria de Mallorca), which is the most notable landmark in Palma, as it faces the sea and can be seen when driving into Palma. It’s quite large and the building is beautiful. I’ve visited the inside of both in the past and so just took photos of the exterior on this trip.

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  1. Hi Carolynn,

    I enjoy reading your travel experiences and descriptions. These have been helpful especially since I will be in Mallorca. I’m staying at the Beach Club for 8 days and wondering how many euro’s I should take with me.
    Look forward to seeing you there as well.


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