Mulloy & Queens’ Cup Teams Advance; Hart Cup Falls (Literally) to Netherlands; Godfree Cup Wins

The Doris Hart Cup team (women’s 80), literally fell to the Netherlands. Lucille Kyvallos won at #2 singles comfortably; then Margaret Canby, playing #1 singles for the first time, was edged by Davis, CA resident Anneke Balics 75 64. That set up a deciding doubles match. The doubles team was Kyvallos/Canby who faced Balics and her partner for the tie. The USA won the first set 61 and it was 1-1 in the second when Kyvallos, serving and volleying, fell onto her right elbow, injuring it, giving Netherlands a retirement win 16 11. Kyvallos ended up breaking her elbow and having surgery on it only hours later. The bad news was that it was broken, the good news was that the break wasn’t severe…it was a “good” break.

There are some differences I noted about Austrian vs US hospitals; 1: No payment or card up front was required; 2: It’s really quiet and there are empty rooms; 3: When I asked where I could get something to eat I was given a pot of tea and a meal! 4: No obvious waiting room…I was put into an empty room to wait.

Everyone from the trauma doctor to the anesthesiologist to the nurses was extremely polite and unhurried. And every time any of the medical personnel looked at Lucille and then at her birthdate that person looked very surprised (they thought she was much younger…tennis does that for you).

The Doris Hart Cup plays France tomorrrow, sans Lucille, but Mary Ann Plante, Canby and Jane Lutz, all of whom took a taxi to visit Lucille at the hospital are determined to do well the rest of the week.

In more positive news, the USA Queens Cup team ousted Sweden without much drama, though Dorothy Matthiessen at #1 was down 31, first set before rallying to win 64 60. Lyn Tietz played #2 singles and Ria Graham and Roz King took the doubles point. I talked to Roz a bit today. She played a little tennis in her 20s and 30s after seeing people playing it at a park, and thinking it looked interesting. Then, when her son was grown she started playing more and playing tournaments. She said her best asset was her retrieving ability and speed. She recalled playing Dodo Cheney, who is about 20 years her elder (and having to wait and wait for the match, as the tournament organizers told her that Dodo liked to play on the first court!) and thinking she’d beat her, and that the match was close for a while, then Dodo moved to no man’s land and won easily. She played her first national in Tempe, the hard courts and the losses encouraged her to work harder. She also said her friend Tad really helped her both with technique and encouragement. Today she’s one win away from a doubles gold slam and has won 2 gold balls this year in singles too!

The USA Gardnar Mulloy Cup also beat Sweden 3/0; Russell and McCabe played singles and Doss/Powless played the doubles.

The Kitty Godfree Cup team beat Belgium 3/0 behind the singles play of Molly Hahn at #2, Brenda Carter at #1 and Carol Clay/Betty Wachob in doubles. Also in Czech Republic, the USA Bitsy Grant Cup team won 3/0.

In the Portschach/Klagenfurt area, USA won 3/0 in the Marble, Gibson, Britannia and Crawford Cups. THe Von Cramm results weren’t yet posted.

Play indoors is likely tomorrow, I can hear thunder from here…and rain.


4 responses to “Mulloy & Queens’ Cup Teams Advance; Hart Cup Falls (Literally) to Netherlands; Godfree Cup Wins

  1. So sorry to hear about Lucille’s fall. I can certainly empathize. Been there and done that, but time heals all. Hope the Hart Team goes on to victory on all matches to come. Thanks Carolyn

  2. Bad luck for Lucille and the team – glad you were on site with lots of experience in getting US players to the hospital in foreign lands

  3. So sorry about Lucille. My late husband gave her instruction at Sterling tennis courts in Queens Ny many years ago. Thanks for all your good reporting. Good luck to all the teams.

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