Rainy Friday in Munich

Today I bid adieu to Robin, going with her to the airport and seeing her off (after a too long wait at check-in…Lufthansa has the baggage check-in completely automated, but not for people who booked with an airline other than Lufthansa…for them there’s a long line and one person checking people in). It’s worth mentioning again because the line was over an hour long I think when we left it.

I took the train back to the hotel and after a workout and lunch, Erika and I went into Munich and visited the Residence, a huge palace/museum full of opulent rooms and also the Treasury which did contain a lot of treasures, silver, gold, tiaras, jewelry, porcelain and items necessary for running such a huge palace.

We also visited a couple of churches, St. Peter’s, since Erika hadn’t walked in yesterday and the Frauenkirche which was pretty plain though very large. It was rainy but people were waiting in the rain to see and hear the Glockenspiel…

I searched for peanut butter afterwards and found this selection (I chose chocolate, naturally).

Next up is Paris…taking the TGV train tomorrow early. The European adventure continues….tennis will resume on Monday.


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