New Criteria Adopted By Senior International Teams Committee

The USTA Semi-Annual Meeting was held on Sept. 3rd for the Senior International Teams Committee. This is the committee in charge of selecting the Cup teams. The new criteria can be found by clicking on this link. It is also posted below.


2006 U.S. Team Selection Criteria  

Wins and Losses

Significant direct and indirect wins and losses against USTA players in the same age category (or in the case of players new to the division, against players in the immediately younger age division) in the previous year and in the current year up to the deadline for selection will be considered. Results in Category 1 National events are more important than other tournaments.


Minimum Tournament Play

The following play is strongly RECOMMENDED: A minimum of two Category 1 National Championships or 1 Category 1 National Championship and two Category 2 National Championships in a player’s age division during the twelve months prior to team selection. (In the case of a player moving into a new age division, this requirement can be met if the player plays in the younger or older age division or by combining play in the two age divisions.)


The following play is REQUIRED: One Category 1 National Championship in a player’s age division during the twelve months prior to team selection played to completion in the main draw. Notwithstanding, meeting the recommended minimum is strongly encouraged. Both length and strength of a playing record will be considered, absent unusual circumstances.


These are minimum play requirements and recommendations only. Meeting the minimum play requirements and recommendations does not mean that a player will be asked to play on a Cup team.


Surface of Competition

If players’ records are otherwise equal, wins and losses on the surface of the competition will be used as a tiebreaker.      


Sportsmanship and Teamwork

Good sportsmanship, with no valid grievances as described in the USTA Bylaw 43. Teamwork is defined as sportsmanship in relation to a previous Cup team. Captains’ reports from previous Cup events will be reviewed. Unsubstantiated reports will not be considered.


Physical Condition

The player must certify that he/she is in good physical condition to play singles and doubles. Players who are not in good physical condition at any time up to the date for travel should contact their Team Committee Representative immediately regarding their physical condition. Failure to do so will be considered poor teamwork for future team consideration.


Team Makeup

Each team shall consist of at least three strong singles players and one combination of players which results in a strong doubles team. The team may or may not need a doubles specialist or may benefit from having an established doubles team, one of whom must be a strong singles player.


Aging Up

Players must play in the oldest age category in which they are eligible unless the Senior International Committee agrees otherwise.



Players must complete and sign the Player Agreement and Profile. The Senior International Competition Selection Committee as a whole will make the final team selections based on the above criteria, utilizing judgment and discretion to obtain, in their opinion, the best competitive team representing the United States.

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