Practicing for the Clay Courts

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The good news is that Susan Wright and I survived our first practice and practice match on the clay…despite the fact that 30 minutes into Susan’s hit (with Vesna McKenna), Susan was nailed in the eye by a a ball which ricocheted off her racquet. (She was attempting to volley Vesna’s swing volley.)

We had a fun match afterwards with Vesna and Jenny Klitch.

The weather was great today, breezy but mild.

The national clay courts begins Tuesday but we don’t play till Wednesday in Naples, Florida.

Below are photos of Susan right after she was hit and a few hours late. She’ll survive (and duck better next time she plays Vesna!).

4 responses to “Practicing for the Clay Courts

  1. Dear Susan,
    Sorry to hear of your accident. Hope you get better soon.
    Fay Martin

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