Presidents’ Cup: USIC vs French IC in La Jolla, California

The USIC stands for the United States International Club. There are 38 members from Argentina to Uruguay to Singapore to South Africa (for a complete list go to The IC was created in the 1920s by Great Britain; France and USA were the next two members. The object was to bring together players in a competitive but friendly environment. There are IC matches all over the world.

November 10-11 the USIC and French IC met at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club to play for the “Presidents’ Cup” It’s a biannual event, hosted every four years by the US and every four years by France. There were singles matches Thursday and Friday mornings and doubles and mixed in the afternoons in La Jolla. They were preceded by gala dinners on Wednesday and Thursday night. The USA all but wrapped up the Cup by day’s end on Thursday, as Charlie Hoeveler assembled a stellar team led by Ros Nideffer a former French Open doubles champion, Dan Goldie, the Stanford star, and many current and former Cup team members such as Paul Wulf, Bob Litwin, Charlie Hoeveler, Judy Newman, Carolyn Nichols, & Erika Smith, and USC coach Peter Smith, a many time national champion in his own right.

The weather could not have been better…it was warm and beautiful even for La Jolla, in the 80s and in November!

For more information on the USIC, go to For more information on the history of the Presidents’ Cup click here.

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after a match, jUdy Erika Isabelle-001Alisa and Erika Alisa Yee-001Benedicte, betty, Lucia, Una-001Bill JudyBob and Carolyn-001Bob LitwinCarolyn and IsabelleChico Hagey, Bill Kellogg, Pierre Darmon, Charlie H. Darmon, Charlie HDan Goldie-002DSC01902Erika Smith-002Erika, Carolyn, Lucia, Una Ros Judygroup photos-008Lucia Romanov-001Misc photos-001Mr. PhamMylenePaul Leslie CharliePaul Wulf, Bill KelloggPresident's CupPresidents with Cup-001Una

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  1. Hi Carolyn, i’m new to your website but very happy to see something like this..Were there any scores from the
    Presidents’ Cup: USIC vs French IC in La Jolla, California

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